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An Anthology of Dragons: An Illustrated Collection of Verse and Prose,9780754826354

An Anthology of Dragons: An Illustrated Collection of Verse and Prose

Edition: Illus.
Format: Hardcover
Pub. Date: 6/15/2013
Publisher(s): Natl Book Network
Availability: This title is currently not available.


This vibrant anthology celebrates the dragon; full of fire, venom and fury, hurtling through the skies to bring terror and destruction or invested with mystic symbolism, wisdom and spiritual significance. In ancient Greece and Biblical times these dangerous beasts abducted maidens and held cities to ransom, while in Northern Europe they brooded in caves, guarding hoards of treasure. All these deadly beasts were finally thwarted by heroes, archangels or magicians of their day, audacious warriors of skill and courage. Chinese dragons have a more mystical and less combative history; closely connected with water and bringing thunder and life-renewing rain. Similarly the ancient American dragon, the feathered serpent, is the symbol of rain. Wherever they come from, and whatever their threat or blessing, dragons are always uniquely magnificent, wayward and wrathful. This book celebrates their ferocity, fire and dangerous magnificence.

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