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Anthology of Post-Tonal Music,9780073325026

Anthology of Post-Tonal Music

Edition: 1st
Format: Spiral Bound
Pub. Date: 5/15/2007
Publisher(s): McGraw-Hill Education
Availability: This title is currently not available.


This collection of 41 selections and excerpts represents a wide range of music from the 20th Century. Designed for use with Understanding Post-Tonal Music by Miguel Roig-Francoli, it can also stand alone as an anthology for study and analysis in other music theory courses.

Table of Contents

(1862-1918), “La cathédrale engloutie,” no. 10 from Preludes, book I(1910)
“Canope,” no. 10 from Preludes, book II (1910-13)
“Sarabande,” from Pour le piano (1894-1901)
(1881-1945), “Song of the Harvest,” no. 33 from Forty-four Violin Duets (1931)
“Whole-tone Scale,” no. 136 from Mikrokosmos, vol. 5 (1932-39)
“Diminished Fifth,” no. 101 from Mikrokosmos, vol. 4 (1932-39)
“From the Island of Bali,” no 109 from Mikrokosmos, vol 4 (1932-39)
Five Movements For String Quartet, op. 5, III (1909)
(1874-1951), “Angst und Hoffen,” no. 7 from Book of The Hanging Gardens, op. 15 (1909)
(1885-1935), “Schlafend trägt man mich,” no. 2 from Four Songs, op. 2 (1908-1909)
(1882-1971), Agnus Dei, from Mass (1944-48)
(1895-1963), Interlude in G, from Ludus tonalis (1942)
“Vom Tode Mariä I,” from Das Marienleben (1923)
(1874-1954), “The Things Our Fathers Loved,” from 114 Songs (ca. 1917)
“The Cage,” from 114 Songs (1906)
(1901-1953), Diaphonic Suite no. 4, III (1930)
(1904-1975), “Contrapunctus secundus,” no. 5 from Quaderno musicale di Annalibera (1952-53)
“Quartina,” no. 11 from Quaderno musicale di Annalibera (1952-53)
(1883-1945), “Wie bin ich froh,” no. 1 from Drei Lieder, op. 25 (1935)
Piano Variations, op. 27, II (1935-36)
(1874-1951), Klavierstück, op. 33a (1929)
(1882-1971), “Lacrimosa,” from Requiem Canticles (1966)
(b. 1925), Structures Ia, mm. 1-39 (1952)
(b. 1916), Composition for Twelve Instruments, mm. 1-26 (1948)
(1908-1992), Turangalîla Symphony, Introduction, reh. 12-22 (1946-48)
(b. 1908), String Quartet no. 2, I, mm. 35-134 (1959)
(b. 1928), Stimmung (three pages: Formschema, one sample page of Magische Namen, and one sample page of Modelle) (1968)
(1912-1992), Winter Music (one page) (1957)
(1913-1994), Jeux vénitiens, I (1960-61)
(1923-2006), Ramifications, mm. 1-44 (1968-69)
(1918-2005), Music for the Magic Theater, reh. 1-17 (1965)
(1925-2003), Sinfonia, III (“In ruhig fliessender Bewegung”), mm. 1-120 (to reh. F) (1968)
(b. 1923), “Dream Images (Love-Death Music),” no. 11 from Makrokosmos, vol. 1 (1972-73)
(b. 1936), Violin Phase (1967)
(b. 1939), De Staat, mm. 1-161 (1972-76)
(b. 1935), Cantus (1977)
(b. 1964), Spring Song, mm. 1-41 (1995)
(b. 1971), Asyla, II, mm. 1-43 (1997)
(b. 1952), Ariel’s Hail (2000)
Table of Contents provided by Publisher. All Rights Reserved.

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