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Architectural Studies,9780070358683

Architectural Studies

Format: Hardcover
Pub. Date: 2/1/1993
Publisher(s): McGraw-Hill
Availability: This title is currently not available.


The construction of presentation drawings need not be a costly, complicated, or frustrating effort. Nor does it require advanced artistic skills. In this book you will find the tools and techniques for creating accomplished. professional architectural renderings - even if you have limited drawing experience!
Koplar reduces the architectural portrayal to its most basic form, the study, and uses it to demonstrate fast, abbreviated techniques that are highly effective in conveying a design idea. From on-the-spot elevation sketches to intricate office complexes, these quickly executed portrayals become a standard part of the design process rather than an after-the-fact presentation effort. The result? Time and cost savings for the design office - and a marketable new skill for you.
As you follow the author's hands-on approach. you'll find yourself moving easily from the basics of lines and shading to three-dimensional perspective drawings, with expert tips on how to: zero in on the medium and the right approach; use the felt-tip marker for a wide range of design options; incorporate the key building blocks of structure, entourage, and point of view; work with "fast papers" (oriental papers) for maximum effect with minimum effort; use a matrix as a self-teaching tool that increases spatial awareness and makes block-ins of difficult scenes easy; work effectively with tracings; and more!
You will quickly realize that there is no mystique to producing dynamic architectural studies; complications arise only when designers assume they must be illustrators. Here are foolproof tools and techniques for creating fast, effective, casual but readable portrayals that reflect your individual style - and compensate for lack of advanced skills or time.
Turn to Architectural Studies for: valuable self-teaching exercises; a wealth of techniques that enhance your creative arsenal; and striking alternative solutions to virtually any presentation problem. Make sure you have a copy on your desk as you begin your next project!

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