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Asia and the Great War A Shared History,9780199658190

Asia and the Great War A Shared History

Format: Hardcover
Pub. Date: 1/24/2017
Publisher(s): Oxford University Press
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There is no single volume that shines a light on Asia's collective involvement in the First World War, and the impact that war had on its societies. Moreover, no volume in any language explores the experiences Asian countries shared as they became embroiled, with divergent results, in the war and its repercussions. Asia and the Great War moves beyond the national or even international level by presenting a 'shared' history from non-national and transnational perspectives. Asian involvements make the Great War not only a true 'world' war but also a 'great' war. The war generated forces that would transform Asia both internally and externally. Asian involvement in the First World War is a unique chapter in both Asian and world history, with Asian participation transforming the meaning and implications of the broader conflict.

Asia and the Great War also takes steps to recover memories of the war and re-evaluate the war in its Asian contexts. Asia's part in the war and the part the war played in the collective development of Asia represent the first steps of the long journey to full national independence and international recognition. This volume aims to bring the Great War more fully into Asian history and the people of Asia into the international history of the war, in the hope that the shared history could lay the groundwork for a shared future.

Table of Contents

Part I: The Great War as Shared History in China and Japan
1. The Great War Comes to Asia, 1895-1914: From Shimonoseki to Qingdao
2. The Great War in China and Japan, 1915-1918
Part II: Empires at War: The Great War and Transformations in the National Development of India, Korea, and Vietnam
3. Indian's Great War and National Awakening
4. Colonial Vietnam and the War
5. Koreans: From the March First Movement to the Paris Peace Conference
Part III: The Chinese and Japanese Roles: High Expectations and Grave Disappointments
6. China and Japan at Paris: Old Rivalries in a New World
7. Japan and Its Dream for Racial Equality
Part IV: Towards a New Asia and World?
8. Asia Rethinks Its Relation to the World

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