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Australasian Propaganda and the Vietnam War Selling America's War,9781441127013

Australasian Propaganda and the Vietnam War Selling America's War

by ;
Format: Hardcover
Pub. Date: 6/15/2017
Publisher(s): Bloomsbury Academic
Availability: This title is currently not available.


The Vietnam War was the first war that Australia and New Zealand fought without British combat involvement, and it signalled a radical realignment of their foreign policies - towards the United States and away from Britain. The propaganda campaign needed to justify this new foreign policy departure was, therefore, particularly important.

This volume focuses on the efforts of the Australian and New Zealand Governments to 'sell' the deeply divisive Vietnam War, and their combat involvement in it, to their respective populations. It examines the propaganda campaigns conducted, and assesses the reasons for the successes and failures of those campaigns. It also evaluates the official rhetoric on the war, comparing this to both the private views held by government officials, and the type and amount of information that these officials received from their own sources and those of the U.S. administrations and UK governments. Australasian Propaganda and the Vietnam War examines the impact of this controversial conflict on these countries, and its legacy for Australian and New Zealand foreign policies and the whole region.

Author Biography

Caroline Page is Senior Lecturer in International Relations at Coventry University, UK. She started her career as a desk editor at the Ministry of Defence before completing her PhD and holding an International Fellowship at Georgetown University, US. Her book, US Official Propaganda during the Vietnam War 1965-1973, was published in 1996 (Continuum).

Table of Contents

1. World War II Memories and the National Security Paradigms
2. The Framework of Australian and New Zealand Official Propaganda
3. Specific War Propaganda Problems
4. The Beginning of the Vietnam War and the Dispatch of Australasian Combat Troops
5. 1965-68: Escalation of the War and the Growth of Domestic Dissent
6. 1968-1971: The Spectre of Negotiations
7. Australian and New Zealand Media by 1971
8. Australian and New Zealand Opinion by 1971
9. The Balance Sheet: A Necessary Quagmire or Delusions of Security?
10. Conclusion

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