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Basics of Web Design HTML5 & CSS3,9780133128918

Basics of Web Design HTML5 & CSS3

Edition: 2nd
Format: Paperback
Pub. Date: 1/18/2013
Publisher(s): Pearson
Availability: This title is currently not available.


Basics of Web Design: HTML5 and CSS3, 2ecovers the basic concepts that web designers need to develop their skills: Introductory Internet and Web concepts Creating web pages with HTML5 Configuring text, color, and page layout with Cascading Style Sheets Configuring images and multimedia on web pages Web design best practices Accessibility, usability, and search engine optimization considerations Obtaining a domain name and web host Publishing to the Web

Author Biography


Dr. Terry Ann Felke-Morris is an Associate Professor at William Rainey Harper College in Palatine, Illinois. She holds a Doctor of Education degree, a Master of Science degree in information systems, and numerous certifications, including Adobe Certified Dreamweaver 8 Developer, WOW Certified Associate Webmaster, Microsoft Certified Professional, Master CIW Designer, and CIW Certified Instructor.


Dr. Morris is an innovative instructor and was awarded the Harper College 2002-2003 Glenn A. Reich Memorial Award for Instructional Technology in recognition of her efforts. In 2006, she received the 2006 Blackboard Greenhouse Exemplary Online Course Award for use of Internet technology in the academic environment. Dr. Morris was chosen by the Instructional Technology Council (ITC) as the recipient of their 2008 Outstanding e-Learning Faculty Award for Excellence.


With over 20 years of information technology experience in business and industry, Dr. Felke-Morris published her first website in 1996 and has been working with the Web ever since. A long-time promoter of Web standards, she has been a member of the Web Standards Project Education Task Force. Dr. Morris is the author of the popular Web Development and Design Foundations with XHTML textbook, currently in its sixth edition. She was instrumental in developing the Web Development degree and certificate programs at Harper College and currently is the senior faculty member in that area. For more information about Dr. Felke-Morris, visit

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Internet and Web Basics 1

The Internet and the Web 2

Web Standards and Accessibility 4

Information on the Web 6

Web Browsers and Web Servers 8

Internet Protocols 10

Uniform Resource Identifiers and Domain Names 12

HTML Overview 14

Under the Hood of a Web Page 16

Your First Web Page 18

Review and Apply 22


Chapter 2 HTML Basics 25

Heading Element 26

Paragraph Element 28

Line Break and Horizontal Rule 30

Blockquote Element 32

Phrase Elements 34

Ordered List 36

Unordered List 38

Description List 40

Special Entity Characters 42

HTML Syntax Validation 44

Structural Elements 46

Anchor Element 48

Practice with Hyperlinks 50

E-Mail Hyperlinks 54

Review and Apply 56


Chapter 3 Web Design Basics 65

Design for Your Target Audience 66

Website Organization 68

Principles of Visual Design 70

Design to Provide for Accessibility 72

Use of Text 74

Web Color Palette 76

Use of Color 78

Use of Graphics and Multimedia 80

More Design Considerations 82

Navigation Design 84

Wireframes and Page Layout 86

Fixed and Fluid Layouts 88

Design for the Mobile Web 90

Responsive Web Design 92

Web Design Best Practices Checklist 94

Review and Apply 96


Chapter 4 Cascading Style Sheets Basics 101

Cascading Style Sheets Overview 102

CSS Selectors and Declarations 104

CSS Syntax for Color Values 106

Configure Inline CSS 108

Configure Embedded CSS 110

Configure External CSS 112

CSS Selectors: Class, Id, and Descendant 114

Span Element 116

Practice with CSS 118

CSS Syntax Validation 120

Review and Apply 122


Chapter 5 Web Graphics Styling Basics 129

Web Graphics 130

Image Element 132

Image Hyperlinks 134

Configure Background Images 136

Position Background Images 138

CSS3 Multiple Background Images 140

The Favorites Icon 142

Configure List Markers with CSS 144

Image Maps 146

Review and Apply 148


Chapter 6 More CSS Basics 157

Fonts with CSS 158

Text Properties with CSS 160

Align and Indent Text with CSS 162

Width and Height with CSS 164

The Box Model 166

Margin and Padding with CSS 168

Borders with CSS 170

CSS3 Rounded Corners 172

Center Page Content with CSS 174

CSS3 Box Shadow and Text Shadow 176

CSS3 Background Clip and Origin 178

CSS3 Background Resize and Scale 180

CSS3 Opacity 182

CSS3 RGBA Color 184

CSS3 HSLA Color 186

CSS3 Gradients 188

Review and Apply 190


Chapter 7 Page Layout Basics 197

Normal Flow 198

Float 200

Clear a Float 202

Overflow 204

CSS Two-Column Page Layout 206

Vertical Navigation with an Unordered List 208

Horizontal Navigation with an Unordered List 210

CSS Interactivity with Pseudo-Classes 212

Practice with CSS Two-Column Layout 214

Positioning with CSS 216

Practice with Positioning 218

CSS Sprites 220

Review and Apply 222


Chapter 8 More on Links, Layout, and Mobile 227

More on Relative Linking 228

Fragment Identifiers 230

Figure and Figcaption Elements 232

Practice with Floating Figures 234

More HTML5 Elements 236

HTML5 Compatibility with Older Browsers 238

CSS for Print 240

Mobile Web Design 242

Viewport Meta Tag 244

CSS3 Media Queries 246

Practice with Media Queries 248

Flexible Images 250

Testing Mobile Display 252

Review and Apply 254


Chapter 9 Table Basics 265

Table Overview 266

Table Rows, Cells, and Headers 268

Span Rows and Columns 270

Configure an Accessible Table 272

Style a Table with CSS 274

CSS3 Structural Pseudo-classes 276

Configure Table Sections 278

Review and Apply 280


Chapter 10 Form Basics 285

Form Overview 286

Text Box 288

Submit Button and Reset Button 290

Check Box and Radio Button 292

Hidden Field and Password Box 294

Textarea Element 296

Select Element and Option Element 298

Label Element 300

Fieldset Element and Legend Element 302

Style a Form with CSS 304

Server-Side Processing 306

Practice with a Form 308

HTML5 Text Form Controls 310

HTML5 Datalist Element 312

HTML5 Slider and Spinner Controls 314

HTML5 Calendar and Color-Well Controls 316

Practice with an HTML5 Form 318

Review and Apply 320


Chapter 11 Media and Interactivity Basics 329

Plug-ins, Containers, and Codecs 330

Configure Audio and Video 332

Flash and the HTML5 Embed Element 334

HTML5 Audio and Source Elements 336

HTML5 Video and Source Elements 338

Practice with HTML5 Video 340

Embed a YouTube Video 342

CSS3 Transform Property 344

CSS Transition Property 346

Practice with Transitions 348

HTML5 Canvas Element 350

Review and Apply 352


Chapter 12 Web Publishing Basics 359

Register a Domain Name 360

Choose a Web Host 362

Publish with File Transfer Protocol 364

Search Engine Submission 366

Search Engine Optimization 368

Accessibility Testing 370

Usability Testing 372

Review and Apply 374


Answers to Review Questions 377

HTML5 Cheat Sheet 378

CSS Cheat Sheet 383

XHTML Cheat Sheet 390

Comparison of XHTML and HTML5 394

WCAG 2.0 Quick Reference 400

Index 403

Credits 419

Web Safe Color Palette 420

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