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The Bristol Blenheim: An Illustrated History,9780947554927

The Bristol Blenheim: An Illustrated History

Format: Hardcover
Pub. Date: 3/3/2003
Publisher(s): Specialty Pr Pub & Wholesalers
Availability: This title is currently not available.


Graham Warner is well known as the driving force behind the restoration of a Bristol Blenheim to airworthy status - not once, but twice - resulting in Spirit of Britain First taking to the skies above Duxford in 1987 and again in 1993. In The Bristol Blenheim, he draws on his unsurpassed knowledge of the aircraft to give a truly comprehensive account of its origins, development and frontline service. His account covers the Blenheim's service from the outbreak of war to the Battle of Britain and beyond, both in European and Far Eastern theatres of war. It includes details of not only the well-known Middle East campaigns in the Western Desert and from Malta, but also the lesser-known operations in Iraq, Syria and East Africa. Privately commissioned by Lord Rothermere as a personal aircraft in 1934, the prototype of the Blenheim named 'Britain First' was gifted to the Air Ministry because he feared that Britain was falling behind Germany in aircraft development. Military production gathered pace and by the time war broke out in 1939 there were more Blenheims serving in the RAF than any other aircraft.It played a vital and wide-ranging role in the early years of the war and was used as a day and night bomber, for low-level attacks on enemy troops and shipping, as a night fighter, long range day fighter and in reconnaissance. Losses were high and the bravery of the Blenheim crews unsurpassed as the aircraft was often sent on missions for which it was unsuited. The burden of the early war years fell heavily on the Blenheim and it served with distinction. Yet, it is remembered less than the Spitfire and the Lancaster, until now.

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