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The Collaboration Economy How to Meet Business, Social, and Environmental Needs and Gain Competitive Advantage,9781118538340

The Collaboration Economy How to Meet Business, Social, and Environmental Needs and Gain Competitive Advantage

Edition: 1st
Format: Hardcover
Pub. Date: 4/22/2013
Publisher(s): Jossey-Bass
Availability: This title is currently not available.


Our global level of consumption requires the equivalent of 1.3 Earths every year in order to continue in perpetuity. As resources become limited, the private sector will need to collaborate with their competitors, the public sector, and society in order to survive. While the private sector as a whole is not leading such a transition now, there are a small but growing group of stalwart companies that are renewing how their respective industries create value for their stakeholders, including shareholders, employees, and supplier partners. The Collaboration Economy focuses on the industry-level business model changes these brave individual companies are supporting. The Collaboration Economy consists of three parts. The first part shows why and how the transition from the Waste Economy to the Collaboration Economy is happening. Part two includes six chapters, each of which focus on a particular industry--individual consumption, food, energy, water, recycling, and shipping and profiles the companies that are changing the business models in those industries. Companies profiles include: Unilever, GE, Coca-Cola, Nestle, Grieg Shipping, and Hitachi among others.

Author Biography

Eric Lowitt is a premier strategy and sustainability advisor to CEOs worldwide. He is the author of The Future of Value from Jossey-Bass and writes a regular column for both The Guardian and Eric is the founder of Nexus Global Advisors, a leading strategy, collaboration, and sustainability advisory firm. To learn more about how Nexus Global Advisors can help you, visit

To learn more about Eric, visit

Table of Contents




Part One: Welcome to the Collaboration Economy

1. The Collaboration Economy: Prosperity and Social Dimensions Aligned

Part Two: Bringing the Collaboration Economy to Life and Scale

2. Renewing the Global Energy Sector

Mark Vachon and Eric Lowitt

3. Renewing the U.S. Packaging Recycling System

Kim Jeffery, Michael Washburn, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Chris Bartle, and Eric Lowitt

4. Renewing the Global Food System

Jan Kees Vis, Hal Hamilton, and Eric Lowitt

5. Responsibility as Profitability: Toward Responsible Shipbreaking

Petter Heier and Eric Lowitt

6. Renewing Consumerism

Judith Merkies MEP, Roope Mokka, and Eric Lowitt

7. Connecting the Water Drops

Bea Perez and Eric Lowitt

Part Three: Putting It All Together to Move Forward

8. Leadership in the Collaboration Economy

9. Winning in the Collaboration Economy

10. Where Do We Go from Here?


About the Author


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