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Consumer Behavior: Building Marketing Strategy,9781259232541

Consumer Behavior: Building Marketing Strategy

by ;
Edition: 13th
Format: Hardcover
Pub. Date: 9/1/2015
Publisher(s): McGraw-Hill Education

Table of Contents

Part I Introduction

Chapter 1 Introduction


Part II External Influences

Chapter 2 Cross-cultural Variations in Consumer Behavior

Chapter 3 The Changing American Society: Values

Chapter 4 The Changing American Society: Demographics and Social Stratification

Chapter 5 The Changing American Society: Subcultures

Chapter 6 The American Society: Family and Households

Chapter 7 Group Influence on Consumer Behavior

         Part Two Cases

Cases 2-1 through 2-8


Part III Internal Influences

Chapter 8 Perception

Chapter 9 Learning, Memory, and Product Positioning

Chapter 10 Motivation, Personality, and Emotion

Chapter 11 Attitudes and Influencing Attitudes

Chapter 12 Self-Concept and Lifestyle

         Part Three Cases

Cases 3-1 through 3-9


Part IV Consumer Decision Process

Chapter 13 Situational Influences

Chapter 14 Consumer Decision Process and Problem Recognition

Chapter 15 Information Search

Chapter 16 Alternative Evaluation and Selection

Chapter 17 Outlet Selection and Purchase

Chapter 18 Post-Purchase Processes, Customer Satisfaction, and Customer Commitment

         Part Four Cases

Cases 4-1 through 4-8


Part V Organizations as Consumers

Chapter 19 Organizational and Buyer Behavior

         Part Five Cases

Cases 5-1 through 5-2


Part VI Consumer Behavior and Marketing Regulation

Chapter 20 Marketing Regulation and Consumer Behavior

         Part Six Cases

Cases 6-1 and 6-2


Appendix A Consumer Research Methods

Appendix B Consumer Behavior Audit

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