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Criminal Law,9780195330762

Criminal Law

Edition: 7th
Format: Hardcover
Pub. Date: 9/18/2006
Publisher(s): Oxford University Press


Written by an esteemed criminologist and attorney, Criminal Law, Seventh Edition, uses a modified case approach to provide a comprehensive and contemporary introduction to the vast scope of criminal law. By employing carefully excerpted court opinions and cases to illustrate important points, author Sue Titus Reid gives students a taste of traditional case method without burdening them with massive amounts of legal material. Her succinct writing style minimizes unnecessary legal jargon and academic terminology, which helps to sustain students' interest. The book's broad coverage includes misdemeanors, felonies, federal and state statutes and cases, and constitutional principles relating to criminal law. The seventh edition engages students through its coverage of such timely and provocative topics as the bombing of abortion clinics, pornography, child abuse, domestic violence, animal cruelty, racketeering, cyberstalking, identity theft, terrorism, elder abuse, juvenile issues, drug abuse and trafficking, and sentencing. This volume also features recent U.S. Supreme Court cases involving the sexual behavior of gay men, the incarceration of repeat offenders, the legalization of the medicinal use of marijuana, physician-assisted suicide, the detention of "enemy combatants" without due process, and the constitutionality of executing juveniles and the mentally challenged. Reid weaves appellate court cases into the text to familiarize students with how the judiciary thinks and responds to questions of law. This encourages students to develop their critical thinking skills by asking them to analyze court decisions in light of their own views and perceptions. New to this edition: * Includes recent cases on corporate crime (including Enron, Tyco, Arthur Andersen, WorldCom, Adelphia, and HealthSouth), along with those on specific individuals charged with white-collar crimes * Each chapter closes with a substantive case excerpt and case preview for students to analyze, encouraging them to focus on principles and essentials in greater detail * Features more state statutes to exemplify crimes; these generate student discussion about the differences among states. Also includes state-specific guides for California, Florida, Illinois, New York, and Texas * Now in two colors

Table of Contents

An Introduction to Criminal Law
The Emergence of Law
Civil and Criminal Law Distinguished
The Nature and Purpose of Criminal Law
The Nature and Purpose of U.S. Court Systems
The Model Penal Code and Criminal Law Reform
The English Common Law and Its Impact
Sources of Criminal Law
Discretion and Criminal Law
Classification of Crimes and Related Offenses
The Limitations on Criminal Law
The Establishment of Guilt
How to Read and Interpret a Case
Elements of a Crime
The Elements of a Crime
Attendant Circumstances
Liability Without Fault
Anticipatory Offenses and Parties to Crimes
Parties to Crimes
Controlling Complicity Crimes by Indicting Attorneys
Defenses to Criminal Culpability: Part I
The Burden of Proof and Presumptions
Types of Defenses
Defenses to Criminal Culpability: Part II
Domestic Authority
Consent, Condonation, and Victim's Conduct
The Battered Person Syndrome Defense
Other Stress Disorders
Miscellaneous Defenses
Criminal Homicide
An Overview of Violent Crimes
Physician-Assisted Suicide
Assault, Robbery, Rape, and Other Serious Crimes Against the Person
Forcible Rape and Sodomy
Child Abuse
Elder Abuse
False Imprisonment and Kidnapping
Hate Crimes
Property and Related Crimes
Serious Property Offenses
Less Serious Property Offenses
Computer Crimes
Identity Theft
Crimes Against Public Order, Morality, and the Administration of Government
Crimes Against Public Order
Offenses Against Public Morality
Crimes Against the Administration of Government
Terrorism and Related Crimes
The Fear of Crime
The Control of Terrorism
Drug Abuse and Drug Trafficking
Drug Abuse
Drug Trafficking
The Control of Drug Abuse and Drug Trafficking
Legalizing Marijuana for Medicinal Purposes
Sentencing and the Criminal Law
Determining Sentences
Recent Sentencing Reform Measures
Capital Punishment
Constitutional Issues in Sentencing
Megan's Laws
Table of Contents provided by Publisher. All Rights Reserved.

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