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Critical Conversations for Dummies,9781118490310

Critical Conversations for Dummies

Format: Paperback
Pub. Date: 3/25/2013
Publisher(s): For Dummies
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The easy way to communicate best when it matters most Most people are aware of the importance of handling critical conversations well. However, when it comes down to actually being in a difficult situation that calls for key communication skills, many do not know how to practically apply their own thoughts. Critical Conversations For Dummies is a step-by-step reference for the variety of crucial conversations life presents in the workforce. Its packed with strategies for preparing for high-stakes situations; being persuasive (not abrasive); knowing the value of assertive communication; resolving failed promises and missed deadlines; maintaining morale when firing staff; getting new employees off on the right foot; managing staff relations and strengthening team relationships; understanding audience needs and motivations to get positive results; altering confrontational language to cooperative language during difficult conversations; and building relationships in the face of conflict. Improve communication skills in crucial conversations Avoid common pitfalls and emotional tendencies Discover the benefits of success in crucial conversations This book is especially relevant to the hundreds of thousands of leaders who are tasked with multiple duties, whether addressing complex problems from stakeholders or achieving exceptional results from staff.

Author Biography

Christina Tangora Schlachter, PhD, is a Certified Professional Coach. She has created and taught courses on communication skills, crucial conversations for new managers, communication for professionals, and dealing with difficult conversations. She is the coauthor of Leading Business Change For Dummies and is the Chief Leader of She Leads.

Table of Contents

Introduction  1

Part I: The Anatomy of a Critical Conversation  7

Chapter 1: Let’s Get Critical! Making Conversations Count  9

Chapter 2: The Ins and Outs of a Critical Conversation  23

Chapter 3: Critical Conversations: Key Elements to Get You Started  43

Chapter 4: Delivering the Message with Impact  57

Chapter 5: Knowing When It’s Time to Have a Critical Conversation  69

Part II: Making Sense of How You Communicate 83

Chapter 6: Building Effective Verbal Communication Techniques  85

Chapter 7: Grasping Nonverbal Cues  99

Chapter 8: Working with Different Communication Styles  113

Part III: Getting Down to Specifics: Creating a Critical Conversation  127

Chapter 9: Here’s the Warm-Up: Getting Yourself Ready  129

Chapter 10: Keeping Challenging Situations Productive  143

Chapter 11: Closing the Conversation with Ease  159

Part IV: Putting It All into Practice  169

Chapter 12: Conversations in Good Times  171

Chapter 13: Conversations in Bad Times  185

Chapter 14: Dealing with Staff Disputes  199

Chapter 15: Identifying and Working through Workplace Complaints  215

Chapter 16: Resolving Difficult Behaviors with Critical Conversations 231

Chapter 17: Customer Conversations  249

Chapter 18: Hot Topics in Team Conversations 263

Part V: The Part of Tens  273

Chapter 19: Ten Benefits of Leading a Critical Conversation  275

Chapter 20: Ten Ways to Keep Your Cool No One Else Is  283

Chapter 21: Ten Ways to Manage a Conversation That’s Going South  291

Index  299

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