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Cruisers Handbook of Fishing 2/E,9780071427883

Cruisers Handbook of Fishing 2/E

by ;
Edition: 2nd
Format: Paperback
Pub. Date: 9/16/2003
Publisher(s): International Marine/Ragged Mountain Press
Availability: This title is currently not available.


"The definitive book." -Cruising World"Every culture has its bible, and until now, there wasn't one for the voyager with a passion for catching fish." --Ocean NavigatorHere is the first-ever complete guide to finding, catching, processing, and cooking fish from the decks of a slow-moving cruising sail- or powerboat. Scott and Wendy Bannerot have successfully cruise-fished tropical and temperate seas for more than two decades.

Author Biography

Scott Bannerot holds a doctorate in fisheries biology from the University of Miami and has worked as a research scientist, charter fishing captain, and commercial fisherman since 1976. Wendy Bannerot has worked in professional fishing and diving since 1987. Since 1995, Scott and Wendy have lived aboard and voyaged full time in their 41-foot aluminum sloop, Élan.

Table of Contents




1. Fishing Success under Power or Sail: A Preview

Trolling in the South Pacific

Adrift Way Offshore

Anchored in Different Latitudes

Dinghy Adventures

Beneath the Waves and along the Shore

What's Best for You?

With Power Comes Responsibility

2. Gear, Tackle, and Connections for Hook-and-Line Fishing


Rail-Mounted Reels

Stand-Up Outfits

Wire-Line Gear

Spinning Tackle


Selecting Tackle


Getting Started

Gear Checklist

3. Offshore Trolling

General Preparations and Perspective

Rigging for Trolling

Deploying Trolling Gear

Safely Boating Your Catch

Selected Trolling Specialities

A Few Last Tricks and Tips

Gear Checklist

4. Adrift or Anchored

Attracting Fish to Your Boat

Fundamental Techniques of Stationary Hook-and-Line Fishing

Fishing Scenarios

A Word of Caution

Gear Checklist

5. Dinghy Techniques

Getting Started

Fishing from Shore

Wading the Shallows

Intermediate Depths near Shore

Offshore Dinghy Specialities

Rigging Tips for Dinghy Fishing

Gear Checklist

6. Walking, Wading, and Diving

Where Do You Start?

Walking and Wading

Diving for Dinner

Gear Checklist

7. Hand Tools, Traps, Nets, and Other Assorted Gear

Gathering by Hand and with Simple Tools


Shooting through the Air

Stunning Methods

Using Animals

Hookless Line Fishing

More Tricks for Attracting and Aggregating

Single-Event Snares and Traps

Catching Seafood in the Air

Long-Handled Dip and Bully Nets


Dredges and Beam, Bottom, and Midwater Trawls

Nets for Scooping and Lifting

Seine and Encircling Nets

Gill and Entangling Nets

Cast Nets

Making and Repairing Nets

Gear Checklist

8. Modifying Your Vessel for Fishing

Clamps, Mounts, and Lanyards for Line Dispensers

Rod Holders

Securing Downriggers, Upriggers, and Outriggers


Afterdeck, Bowguard, and Rubrails

Fish-Cleaning Tables

Small Conveniences That Make a Big Difference

That All-Important Barbecue

Dive Tanks

(Mostly) Horizontal Racks and Holders

Fish Boxes and Bags

Interior Storage

The Wide World of Live Bait Wells

Cold Storage for the Avid Fishing Cruiser

Fishing Electronics

Gear Checklist

9. Processing Your Catch

The Biochemistry of Seafood Quality

From Ocean to Cleaning Table

General Handling

Tools of the Trade: Get 'Em and Keep 'Em Sharp

Gutting and Gilling Fish

Cleaning Fish

Processing Invertebrates

Preparing for Cold Storage

Chilling, Freezing, and Thawing


Curing Seafood by Drying, Salting, and Smoking

Alternative Seafood Processing

Gear Checklist

10. Medical Considerations for the Cruising Fisher

Common (and Not So Common) Fishing Injuries

Other Ailments Caused by Fishing

Review of General Fishing-Tool Safety Measures

Diving-Related and Other Injuries

Galley Injuries and Ailments

Keeping Everything in Perspective

11. Getting the Most from Your New Cruising Skill

Sink Everyone's Boat but Mine

Respect and Conservation Revisited

Replenishing the Cruising Kitty

Survival Fishing

Catch-and-Release and Light Versus Heavy Tackle

Social Facilitation

Intellectual Stimulation

The Successful Cruiser-Fisher

12. A Guide to Edible Fish and Invertebrates

Bony Fishes (Phylum Chordata, Class Osteichthyes)

Sharks and Rays (Phylum Chordata, Class Chondrichthys)

Sea Turtles (Phylum Chordata, Class Reptilia, Family Chelonidae)

Invertebrate Seafood

13. More Seafood Recipes


Soups and Chowders

Main Courses

Construction and Use of an Umu, or Underground Oven

The Simple Approach

Appendix 1. Sources for Fishing and Related Gear

Saltwater Fishing Specialists

Major Boating-Supply Companies

Commercial and Heavy-Duty Equipment Suppliers

Unique Hand-Operated Winches

General Outfitters

Diving and Spearfishing Supplies

Cold-Storage Equipment and Installation

Custom Marine-Metal Fabrication

And If You Just Happen to Be Out in the Middle of the South Pacific

International Gear Sources by Country

Sources for Miscellaneous Products

Appendix 2. Further Reading and Information



Organizations and Associations

Other Sources

Appendix 3. The Wonderful World of Fly-Fishing

Inexpensive Gear That Will Catch Just about Anything

Assemble Your Gear and Load the Line

Stretch Your Fly Line

Practice Casting

So You Want to Learn More

Appendix 4. Fishing-Reel Maintenance and Repair

Spinning Reels

Penn International Big-Game Reels

Other Reels and Winches

A Few Last Tips

Appendix 5. References


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