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The Dark Hunger; Book Two of the Eternal Dead Series,9781593094911

The Dark Hunger; Book Two of the Eternal Dead Series

Format: Paperback
Pub. Date: 1/22/2013
Publisher(s): Strebor Books
Availability: This title is currently not available.


In this second installment of the Eternal Dead Series, normal reality is turned upside down as Holland and Jonas attempt to restore their taboo love amidst a dire clash among witches, zombies, and vampires. Since the demise of their leader, vampires have threatened to take over the peaceful town of Frombleton, brazenly roaming the streets while mingling with society and feeding on humans. And if that's not bad enough, a zombie outbreak that was isolated to a separate rural area is slowly creeping toward the city, leaving a trail of ravaged corpses in its wake. Hundreds of miles away at Stoneham Academy, Holland Manning is learning the ancient art of witchcraft and practicing her emerging occult powers. After discarding her nerdy girl image, Holland is finally well liked and admired for the first time in her life, but she's finding it difficult to enjoy her newfound popularity when she's aching for her true love, Jonas. A soul-stealing hex has forced Jonas to return to his homeland in search of a cure, and Holland is eagerly waiting to find out if his humanity has been restored. Cursed and undead, Jonas attempts to carve out a normal life in Haiti, but he's plagued by nightmares and the relentless cries of the misguided breed of flesh eaters that he unwittingly spawned. Unable to find peace, Jonas realizes he must return to America to fulfill his obligation as their maker. Chilling and suspenseful, The Dark Hungerrecounts the horrors of humans living among the undeadand the uncertainty of forbidden love amidst sinister forces.

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