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Demolishing Supposed Bible Contradictions Volume 2 : Exploring Forty Alleged Contradictions,9780890516492

Demolishing Supposed Bible Contradictions Volume 2 : Exploring Forty Alleged Contradictions

Format: Paperback
Pub. Date: 4/1/2012
Publisher(s): New Leaf Pr
Availability: This title is currently not available.


Can God be tempted? Why don't Christians follow all the Old Testament laws? Is marriage good or bad? All these and more are questions that appear to point out a problem in the Biblical text. Too often people focus on what seems to be contradictions or errors in the Bible, using them to create doubt in the minds of believers or act as stumbling blocks in trying to present the Gospel.

Table of Contents

Introduction - A Good Defense Is a Good Offensep. 9
Planting Confusionp. 19
Eve's Birth Certificatep. 22
Not Enough Hours in the Dayp. 24
Could Adam Eat from Any Tree?p. 29
Times of Recessionp. 31
Who Destroyed Sodom?p. 33
A "Sonny" Dayp. 35
What Is God's Name in the Old Testament?p. 41
Livestock or "Deadstock"?p. 44
War and Peacep. 47
Did Animal Sacrifices Remove Sin?p. 49
Do Rabbits Really "Chew the Cud"?p. 51
Moses - Fit or Feeble?p. 54
Unacceptable Offering?p. 56
Pillars or Nothing?p. 63
Generational Gaffe?p. 66
A Famine of Three or Seven Yearsp. 69
Balancing the Budgetp. 72
Longevity or Countdown?p. 76
When Were the Stars Created?p. 79
Did Jesus Go Up or Down the Mountain?p. 85
Did Jesus Contradict Himself by Calling People Fools?p. 88
Should Christians Pray in Public or Not?p. 90
A Case of Mistaken Identityp. 94
Act Like a Childp. 98
Mother Knows Bestp. 101
Figuring out the Root of the Matterp. 104
Was Jesus Wrong about Zechariah's Father?p. 108
When Was the Temple Veil Torn in Two?p. 112
First Impressionsp. 116
Wilderness or Wedding?p. 119
Cock-a-doodle, One or Two?p. 123
When Did Jesus Cleanse the Temple?p. 129
Can a Thief Go to Heaven?p. 139
Marriage - Good or Bad?p. 141
Who Gets the Blame for Original Sin - Adam or Eve?p. 144
Root of All Evil?p. 147
The Bible Tells Me Sop. 150
A Lot of Righteousnessp. 153
To Die or Not to Diep. 156
Can God Be Tempted?p. 158
Why Don't Christians Follow all the Old Testament Laws?p. 161
Conclusionp. 166
Table of Contents provided by Ingram. All Rights Reserved.

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