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Developing Person Through the Life Span,9781319015879

Developing Person Through the Life Span

Edition: 10th
Format: Hardcover
Pub. Date: 1/2/2017
Publisher(s): MPS HIGH SCHOOL


Kathleen Berger’s acclaimed survey of developmental psychology across the life span is always up to date, always inclusive of cultures from every corner of the globe, and always compelling in the way it shows students the everyday relevance of field’s theories, ideas, and discoveries. With its new edition, the text becomes a more deeply integrated text/media resource than ever, with the book and its dedicated version of LaunchPad combining seamlessly to enhance the learning experience. But driving that experience, as always, is the clear, engaging voice of Kathleen Berger, revealing the connections between the study of development across all stages of life and lives that students actually live.

Author Biography

Kathleen Stassen Berger completed her undergraduate education at Stanford University and Radcliffe College, earned her M.A.T. from Harvard University and an M.S. and Ph.D. from Yeshiva University. Her broad range of experience as an educator includes directing a preschool, teaching philosophy and humanities at the United Nations International School, teaching child and adolescent development to graduate students at Fordham University, teaching inmates earning paralegal degrees at Sing Sing Prison, and teaching undergraduates at both Montclair State University and Quinnipiac University. She has also been involved in education as the president of Community School Board in District Two in Manhattan.

For over three decades, Berger has taught human development at Bronx Community College of the City University of New York. The students Kathleen Berger teaches every year come from diverse ethnic, economic, and educational backgrounds representing a wide range of interests and consistently honor her with the highest teaching evaluations.

Berger’s developmental texts are currently being used at nearly 700 colleges and universities in a dozen countries and in five languages. Kathleen’s research interests include adolescent identity, sibling relationships, and bullying. As the mother of four daughters, as well as a new grandmother, she brings to her teaching and writing ample firsthand experience with human development.

Table of Contents

PART I The Beginnings

Chapter 1 The Science of Human Development

Chapter 2 Theories of Development

Chapter 3 Heredity and Environment

Chapter 4 Prenatal Development and Birth

PART II The First Two Years

Chapter 5 The First Two Years: Biosocial Development

Chapter 6 The First Two Years: Cognitive Development

Chapter 7 The First Two Years: Psychosocial Development

PART III Early Childhood

Chapter 8 Early Childhood: Biosocial Development

Chapter 9 Early Childhood: Cognitive Development

Chapter 10 Early Childhood: Psychosocial Development

PART IV Middle Childhood

Chapter 11 Middle Childhood: Biosocial Development

Chapter 12 Middle Childhood: Cognitive Development

Chapter 13 Middle Childhood: Psychosocial Development

PART V Adolescence

Chapter 14 Adolescence: Biosocial Development

Chapter 15 Adolescence: Cognitive Development

Chapter 16 Adolescence: Psychosocial Development

PART VI Emerging Adulthood

Chapter 17 Emerging Adulthood: Biosocial Development

Chapter 18 Emerging Adulthood: Cognitive Development

Chapter 19 Emerging Adulthood: Psychosocial Development

PART VII Adulthood

Chapter 20 Adulthood: Biosocial Development

Chapter 21 Adulthood: Cognitive Development

Chapter 22 Adulthood: Psychosocial Development

PART VIII Late Adulthood

Chapter 23 Late Adulthood: Biosocial Development

Chapter 24 Late Adulthood: Cognitive Development

Chapter 25 Late Adulthood: Psychosocial Development

Epilogue Death and Dying

Appendix More About Research Methods

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