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Digilogue How to Win the Digital Minds and Analogue Hearts of Tomorrow's Customer,9781118641385

Digilogue How to Win the Digital Minds and Analogue Hearts of Tomorrow's Customer

Format: Paperback
Pub. Date: 10/21/2013
Publisher(s): Wiley
Availability: This title is currently not available.


How to leverage the enduring human need for analogue experiences to attract and retain more customers in a digital world.

Anything that can be digitised will be digitised. But can the digital-connect ever really replace the personal touch? Is word-of-mouse always more effective than word-of-mouth? And what of customers’ enduring need for analogue experiences (think analogue watches, paperback books and multiplex movie theatres, for example). In your rush to embrace your customers’ digital mind are you ignoring an equally valuable asset: their analogue heart? Better yet, how can you leverage the analogue heart to provide your company or brand with an unbeatable competitive edge?

The answer, according to internationally acclaimed futurist, Anders Sormon-Nilsson is Digilogue — the ‘translational sweet-spot, the convergence of the digital and the analogue.’

A book that will revolutionise how you do business in a digital world, Digilogue provides powerful insights, strategies and tools to help you provide value to digital minds, while connecting with analogue hearts.


Table of Contents

1. Digital Disruption

2. Change doesn’t care whether you like it or not: why the status quo will kill you

3. Reinvent your relevance: decline or revive your brand

4. Digital + Analogue = Digilogue: the communications sweetspot

5. Cash is no longer king: our changing relationship with money and how we spend it

6. Clicks v Bricks: is your retail presence eBay’s front end?

7. Analogue Hearts and Digital Minds: why Skype doesn’t sustain a relationship

8. Why Apple stole Kodak’s Moment: a contrastive reflection

9. Retro revivalism: why my old Emil Paidar Barber’s Chair is new again

10.Reconnect by disconnecting: curate digital doldrums

11.GPS v Map: navigating an unknown future

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