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Effective Purchasing for Health Gain,9780335213689

Effective Purchasing for Health Gain

Edition: 1st
Format: Hardcover
Pub. Date: 4/1/2005
Publisher(s): Open University Press
Availability: This title is currently not available.


Purchasing is championed as key to improving health systems performance. However, despite the central role the purchasing function plays in many health system reforms, there is very little evidence about its development or its real impact on societal objectives. This book addresses this gap and provides: A comprehensive account of the theory and practice of purchasing for health services across Europe An up-to-date analysis of the evidence on different approaches to purchasing Support for policy-makers and practitioners as they formulate purchasing strategies so that they can increase effectiveness and improve performance in their own national context An assessment of the intersecting roles of citizens, the government and the providers Written by leading health policy analysts, this book is essential reading for health policy makers, planners and managers as well as researchers and students in the field of health studies.Contributors: Toni Ashton, Philip Berman, Michael Borowitz, Helmut Brand, Reinhard Busse, Andrea Donatini, Martin Dlouhy, Antonio Duran, Tamas Evetovits, Andre P. van den Exter, Josep Figueras, Nick Freemantle, Julian Forder, Peter Gaal, Chris Ham, Brian Hardy, Petr Hava, David Hunter, Danguole Jankauskiene, Maris Jesse, Ninel Kadyrova, Joe Kutzin, John Langenbrunner, Donald W. Light, Hans Maarse, Nicholas Mays, Martin McKee, Eva Orosz, John Ovretveit, Dominique Polton, Alexander S. Preker, Thomas A. Rathwell, Sabine Richard, Ray Robinson, Andrei Rys, Constantino Sakellarides, Sergey Shishkin, Peter C. Smith, Markus Schneider, Francesco Taroni, Marcial Velasco-Garrido, Miriam Wiley

Table of Contents

List of tables
List of boxes
List of figures
List of contributors
Series editors' introduction xvii
Foreword xix
Acknowledgements xxi
part one
Ray Robinson
Elke Jakubowski
Josep Figueras
Organization of purchasing in Europe
Ray Robinson
Elke Jakubowski
Josep Figueras
Purchasing to improve health systems performance: drawing the lessons
Josep Figueras
Ray Robinson
Elke Jakubowski
part two
Theories of purchasing
Julian Forder
Ray Robinson
Brian Hardy
Role of markets and competition
Peter C. Smith
Alexander S. Preker
Donald W. Light
Sabine Richard
Purchasers as the public's agent
Andre P. den Exter
Purchasing to promote population health
Martin McKee
Helmut Brand
Steering the purchaser: stewardship and government
David J. Hunter
Sergey Shishkin
Francesco Taroni
Purchasers, providers and contracts
Antonio Duran
Igor Sheiman
Markus Schneider
John Ovretveit
Purchasing for quality of care
Marcial Velasco-Garrido
Michael Borowitz
John Ovretveit
Reinhard Busse
Purchasing and paying providers
Jack Langenbrunner
Eva Orosz
Joe Kutzin
Miriam Wiley
Responding to purchasing: provider perspectives
Hans Maarse
Thomas A. Rathwell
Tamas Evetovits
Alexander S. Preker
Elke Jakubowski
Index 289

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