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Electrical Distribution Systems, Second Edition,9781439804728

Electrical Distribution Systems, Second Edition

by ;
Edition: 2nd
Format: Hardcover
Pub. Date: 1/16/2009
Publisher(s): CRC Press


Comprehensive in scope, this book, now in its fully updated second edition, takes an applications-oriented approach to electrical distribution systems. All critical aspects of power production, distribution, control, conversion and measurement are presented. The authors place emphasis on real-world applications, examining electrical distribution and associated system operation from a user's or technician's point of view. The use of an '¨‹electrical power systems' model facilitates the reader's comprehensive understanding of electrical distribution, utilizing power distribution as a key starting point, and then applying that relationship to other important associated systems. The final chapter of this new edition is re-focused to emphasize the economics of distribution systems, computer power requirements and current environmental considerations. The book provides a valuable desk reference for the working engineer, contractor or technician who needs a thorough application-based guide for finding the best solutions to today's electrical distribution challenges.

Author Biography

Dale R. Partick is currently a professor in the Department of Technology of Eastern Kentucky University. He received his Es.D. from Indiana State University. He has taught at the university level for many years, including industrial courses, research projects, teacher training, and graduate courses. Dr. Patrick also works as an energy consultant for small business and industries. He and Dr. Fardo have worked together on over 60 technical books. Stephen W. Fardo is currently a professor in the Department of Technology of Eastern Kentucky University. He received a master's degree from Eastern Kentucky University and his Ph.D. from the University of Kentucky. He has taught at the university level for many years, including industrial courses, research projects, teacher training, and graduate courses. Dr. Fardo also works as an energy consultant for small business and industries. He and Dr. Patrick have worked together on over 60 technical textbooks.

Table of Contents

Prefacep. x
Power System Fundamentalsp. 1
Brief History of Electrical Power Systems
The Systems Concept
Basic System Functions
A Simple Electrical System Example
The Electrical Power System
Energy, Work and Power
Electrical Safety
Basics of Electrical Circuitsp. 15
Review of Direct Current (DC) Electrical Circuits
Review of Alternating Current (AC) Circuits
Impedance in AC Circuits
Power Relationships in Electrical Circuitsp. 41
Power in DC Electrical Circuits
Power in AC Electrical Circuits
Power Relationships in Three Phase AC Circuits
Load Characteristics
Power Factor Correction
Capacitors for Power Factor Correction
Balanced Three Phase Loads
Unbalanced Three Phase Loads
Electrical Power Production Systemsp. 73
Supply and Demand
Plant Load and Capacity Factor
Fossil Fuel Systems
Hydroelectric Systems
Pumped Storage Hydroelectric Systems
Nuclear Fission Systems
Location of Power Plants
Electrical Load Requirements
Electrical Load Demand Control
Alternative Power Systems
Single Phase AC Power Systems
Single Phase AC Generators
Three Phase AC Generators
Frequency of AC Power Systems
Voltage Regulation
Direct Current (DC) Power Systems
Power Distribution System Fundamentalsp. 129
Power System Basics
Overview of Electrical Power Distribution
Power Transmission and Distribution
Underground Distribution
High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) Distribution
Cryogenic Cable
Parallel Operation of Power Systems
Radial, Ring and Network Distribution Systems
Transformers for Distribution Systems
Transformer Efficiency and Losses
Step-Up and Step-Down Transformers
Transformer Voltage and Current Relationships
Multiple-Secondary Transformers
Current Transformers
Transformer Polarity and Ratings
Transformer Malfunctions
Conductors and Insulators in Electrical Distribution Systemsp. 163
Conductor Characteristics
Conductor Types
Conductor Area
Resistance of Conductors
Conductor Sizes and Types
Ampacity of Conductors
The National Electric Code
Ampacity Tables
Use of Insulation in Power Distribution Systems
Power Distribution Equipmentp. 182
Equipment Used at Substations
High Voltage Fuses
High Voltage Circuit Breakers
High Voltage Disconnect Switches
Lightning Arresters
High Voltage Insulators and Conductors
Substation Location
Voltage Regulators
Power System Protective Equipment
Motor Fault Current Protection
Electrical Distribution Inside Buildingsp. 205
Feeder Lines and Branch Circuits
Switching Equipment
Distribution Panelboards
Low Voltage Switchgear
The Electrical Service Entrance
Service Entrance Terminology
Power Distribution System Components
Single Phase and Three Phase Distribution Systemsp. 225
Single Phase Systems
Three Phase Systems
Three Phase Transformer Connections
Types of Three Phase Systems
Grounding of Distribution Systems
System Grounding
Equipment Grounding
Ground-Fault Protection
Wiring Design Considerations for Distribution Systems
National Electric Code Use
Electrical Inspections
Voltage Drop in Electrical Conductors
Voltage Drop Calculations Using Conductor Tables
Alternative Method of Voltage Drop Calculation
Branch Circuit Design Considerations
Voltage Drop in Branch Circuits
Branch Circuit Wiring
Feeder Circuit Design Considerations
Determining Grounding Conductor Size
Parts of Interior Electrical Wiring Systems
Distribution Considerations for Heating Systemsp. 267
Basic Heating Loads
Electric Welding Loads
Considerations for Electric Welders
SCR Control
Electric Heating and Air Conditioning Systems
Electric Heating and Cooling Systems
Lighting Systems
Incandescent Lighting
Fluorescent Lighting
Vapor Lighting
Street Lighting
Comparison of Light Sources
Electric Lighting Circuits
Branch Circuit Design
Lighting Fixture Design
Factors in Determining Light Output
Considerations for Electric Lighting Systems
Mechanical Systems
Basic Motor Principles
Direct Current Motors
Single Phase Alternating Current Motors
Three Phase Alternating Current Motors
Electrical Motor Applications
Considerations for Mechanical (Motor) Loads
Control Devices used with Distribution Systemsp. 349
Power Control Standards, Symbols and Definitions
Power Control Using Switches
Control Equipment for Electric Motors
Other Electromechanical Power Control Equipment
Electronic Power Control
Basic Control Systems
Motor Starting Systems
Specialized Control Systems
Frequency Conversion Systems
Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs)
Power Measurement Equipmentp. 405
Measurement Systems
Measuring Electrical Power
Measuring Electrical Energy
Measuring Three Phase Electrical Energy
Measuring Power Factor
Power Demand Meters
Frequency Measurement
Ground Fault Indicators
Clamp-On Meters
Telemetering Systems
Distribution System Considerationsp. 429
Economic Considerations
Power Management
Load Economic Considerations
Demand Factor
Load Factor
Diversity Factor
Factors that affect Electric Bills
Energy Conservation and Environmental Considerations
Electrical Power Quality
Power Quality Problems
Voltage Variations
Overvoltages and Undervoltages
Transient Voltage Surge Suppressors
Electromagnetic Radiation
Electromagnetic Interference
Solving Power Quality Problems
Surge Protection
Power Conditioning
Back-Up Power Supplies
Automatic Transfer Switches
Monitoring Power Quality
System Reliability
Specialized Instruments
Important Termsp. 445
Electrical Symbolsp. 463
Trigonometry for Electrical Power Systemsp. 466
Professional Organizationsp. 468
Indexp. 471
Table of Contents provided by Ingram. All Rights Reserved.

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