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Emergency Navigation, 2nd Edition Improvised and No-Instrument Methods for the Prudent Mariner,9780071481847

Emergency Navigation, 2nd Edition Improvised and No-Instrument Methods for the Prudent Mariner

Edition: 2nd
Format: Paperback
Pub. Date: 7/11/2008
Publisher(s): International Marine/Ragged Mountain Press
Availability: This title is currently not available.


Find your way on the water, even when your equipment is down As complex electronics have come to dominate boat navigation,Emergency Navigation provides an essential backup for every ocean mariner. David Burch shows you how to find your position and plot a course to safety--even if your navigation equipment is damaged or lost--using ancient and modern skills or rudimentary materials like a stick, a piece of string or a pair of sunglasses. New edition includes new navigation methods, enhanced graphics and updated resource lists.

Author Biography

David Burch is a renowned expert on navigation with severalsuccessful titles and a high profile in the boating community. The founderand director of the Starpath School of Navigation, Burch holds a Ph.D. inphysics and has more than 60,000 miles of ocean sailing experience.

Table of Contents

List of Figures and Tablesp. viii
Foreword to the First Editionp. xii
Preface to the Second Editionp. xiii
Acknowledgmentsp. xv
Introductionp. 1
What Is Emergency Navigation?p. 1
The Scope of This Bookp. 2
Preparation for Navigational Emergenciesp. 3
Time and Place at Seap. 9
Latitude Regions and Seasons Definedp. 10
Time in Navigationp. 12
Finding Position versus Keeping Track of Positionp. 13
Directions at Seap. 15
Choosing a Routep. 16
Compass Checksp. 17
Steering without a Compassp. 21
Steering by Wind and Swellsp. 27
Reading the Windp. 29
Swells, Waves, and Ripplesp. 34
Wind Shiftsp. 37
Steering by the Starsp. 42
Know the Whole Skyp. 42
How the Stars Movep. 43
Steering by the North Starp. 47
The Summer Trianglep. 53
The Great Square of Pegasusp. 54
Finding North without the North Starp. 54
Steering by Orionp. 56
Steering by Gemini and Procyonp. 57
Steering by Scorpiop. 58
Steering by the Southern Cross and the South Polep. 59
Steering by Overhead Starsp. 62
Steering by Zenith Starsp. 64
Star Pathsp. 70
Timing Low Starsp. 72
Steering by the Sunp. 75
Sunrise and Sunsetp. 75
Morning Sun and Afternoon Sunp. 78
Local Apparent Noonp. 82
Solar Time Methodp. 86
The Shadow-Tip Methodp. 89
The Tropics Rule for the Sunp. 93
Sun Crossing Due East or Westp. 93
Sun Compassesp. 94
When the Sun Is Obscuredp. 98
Steering by Other Things in the Skyp. 99
The Moonp. 99
The Planetsp. 106
Clouds, Birds, and Planesp. 108
Satellitesp. 114
Steering in Fog or Under Cloudy Skiesp. 115
How to Make a Magnetic Compassp. 116
Direction Finding with a Portable Radiop. 117
Streaming a Line along the Centerlinep. 119
Finding the Sun as a Viking Wouldp. 121
Currentsp. 124
Ocean Currentsp. 125
Tidal Currentsp. 128
Wind-Driven Currentsp. 129
Coastal Currentsp. 130
Dead Reckoningp. 132
Emergency DRp. 132
Finding Boat Speedp. 134
DR Errors from Speed and Directionp. 136
DR Errors from Current and Leewayp. 142
Progress to Weatherp. 146
Latitude at Seap. 148
Makeshift Altitude Measurements and Calibrationsp. 148
Makeshift Altitude Correctionsp. 155
Latitude from Polarisp. 156
Latitude from Zenith Starsp. 159
Latitude from Horizon-Grazing Starsp. 162
Latitude from Double Transits of Circumpolar Starsp. 169
Latitude from the Sun at LANp. 170
Latitude from the Length of Dayp. 178
Keeping Track of Latitudep. 183
Longitude at Seap. 186
Longitude from Sunrise or Sunsetp. 187
Longitude from LAN (the Equation of Time)p. 189
Finding UTC from a Known Positionp. 197
Keeping Track of Longitudep. 197
Coastal Piloting without Instrumentsp. 201
Signs of Land at Seap. 202
Visible Range of Lights and Landp. 207
Distance Offp. 211
Running Fix from Radio Bearingsp. 216
Course Made Good in Currentp. 217
What to Do with What You've Gotp. 219
Routine Navigation with Everythingp. 219
Position by Radio Contactp. 226
Everything but UTCp. 228
Everything but a Sextantp. 234
Everything but Sight Reduction Tablesp. 240
Everything but a Compassp. 245
Everything but an Almanacp. 246
Nothing but UTCp. 249
Annotated Bibliographyp. 250
Basic Marine Navigationp. 250
Almanac Datap. 251
Stars and Star Identificationp. 252
Finding Longitude without Timep. 252
No-Instrument Navigationp. 253
Emergency Seamanshipp. 256
Periodicals of Interest to Emergency Navigationp. 256
Meteorology and Oceanographyp. 257
Published Aids to Navigationp. 258
Indexp. 260
Table of Contents provided by Ingram. All Rights Reserved.

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