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Financial Algebra, Student Edition,9780538449670

Financial Algebra, Student Edition

by ;
Edition: Student
Format: Hardcover
Pub. Date: 1/26/2010
Publisher(s): Cengage Learning
Availability: This title is currently not available.


By combining algebraic and graphical approaches with practical business and personal finance applications, South-Western's FINANCIAL ALGEBRA, motivates high school students to explore algebraic thinking patterns and functions in a financial context. FINANCIAL ALGEBRA will help your students achieve success by offering an applications based learning approach incorporating Algebra I, Algebra II, and Geometry topics. Authors Gerver and Sgroi have spent more than 25 years working with students of all ability levels and they have found the most success when connecting math to the real world. FINANCIAL ALGEBRA encourages students to be actively involved in applying mathematical ideas to their everyday lives.

Table of Contents

The Stock Market
Business Organization
Stock Market Data
Stock Market Data Charts
Simple Moving Averages
Stock Market Ticker
Stock Transactions
Stock Transaction Fees
Stock Splits
Dividend Income
Math Topics
Candlestick chart
Fractions, decimals, and percents
Linear equation
Literal equation
Mean - arithmetic average
Percent increase and decrease
Ratio and proportion
Read, interpret, and create bar and line graphs
Simple moving average
Spreadsheets and formulas
Modeling a Business
Interpret Scatterplots
Linear Regression
Supply and Demand
Fixed and Variable Expenses
Graphs of Expense and Revenue Functions
Breakeven Analysis
The Profit Equation
Mathematically Modeling a Business
Math Topics
Causal relationship
Functions - domain and range
Linear equation - slope-intercept form
Linear regression
Parabola - vertex and axis of symmetry
Quadratic formula
Scatterplots and correlation
Spreadsheets and formulas
Transitive property of dependence
Banking Services
Checking Accounts
Reconcile a Bank Statement
Savings Accounts
Explore Compound Interest
Compound Interest Formula
Continuous Compounding
Future Value of Investments
Present Value of Investments
Math Topics
Exponential functions
Exponential base (e)
Exponential growth and decay
Formulas Linear equations and inequalities
Limits Order of operations
Recursive and iterative thinking: patterns, growth, decline, compound interest
Consumer Credit
Introduction to Consumer Credit
Loan Calculations and Regression
Credit Cards
Credit Card Statement
Average Daily Balance
Math Topics
Cubic regression
Exponential growth and decay
Linear equations and inequalities
Linear regression
Measures of central tendency
Natural logarithm, base e
Percents Quadratic regression
Spreadsheets and formulas
Automobile Ownership
Classified Ads
Buy or Sell a Car
Graph Frequency Distributions
Automobile Insurance
Linear Automobile Depreciation
Historical and Exponential Depreciation
Driving Data
Driving Safety Data
Accident Investigation Data
Math Topics
Circles (radius, diameter, chord)
Distance Formula Exponential growth and decay
Linear equations and inequalities
Linear and exponential functions
Measures of central tendency
Metric System
Natural logarithm
Percents and Proportions
Piecewise functions
Range Read and interpret data: frequency tables, stem-and-leaf plots, box plots
Quartiles Straight line equations (depreciation)
Slope, slope-intercept form Square root equations
Spreadsheets and formulas
Systems of linear equations and inequalities in two variables
Employment Basics
Look for Employment
Pay Periods and Hourly Rates
Commissions, Royalties, and Piecework Pay
Employee Benefits
Social Security and Medicare
Math Topics
Cusps Piecewise functions
Exponential functions
Graphs Linear functions
Literal expressions
Measures of central tendency
Percent discount
Spreadsheets and formulas
Income Taxes
Tax Tables, Worksheets, and Schedules
Modeling Tax Schedules
Income Statements
Forms 1040EZ and 1040A
Form 1040 and Schedules a and B
Math Topics
Cusps Domains Linear equations and inequalities
Literal expressions
Percent Piecewise functions
Independent Living
Find a Place to Live
Read a Floor Plan
Mortgage Application Process
Purchase a Home
Rentals, Condominiums, and Cooperatives
Math Topics
Area and scale factor
Area of irregular regions
Bar graphs Exponential regression
Greatest integer function
Literal expressions
Monte Carlo method
Probability Rational and exponential equations
Scale drawings
Scatterplots and linear regression
Spreadsheets and formulas
Systems of linear equations and inequalities in two variables
Planning for Retirement
Retirement Income from Savings
Social Security Benefits
Life Insurance
Math Topics
Collect, organize, and interpret data
Domain Expected value
Exponential equations
Greatest integer functions
Histogram Inequalities
Literal expressions
Measures of central tendency
Percent increase
Probability Rational equations
Spreadsheets and formulas
Slope-intercept forms
Prepare a Budget
Utility Expenses
Electronic Utilities
Charting a Budget
Cash Flow and Budgeting
Math Topics
Circle (sectors, central angel)
Cusp Domain Fractions, decimals, and ratios
Greatest integer function
Linear equations and inequalities
Literal expressions
Matrices Piecewise functions
Proportions Rational and exponential equations
Read and interpret data: line graphs, bar graphs, circle graphs
Slope and graphing linear functions
Spreadsheets and formulas
Systems of equations Volume
Table of Contents provided by Publisher. All Rights Reserved.

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