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Foundations of Nursing Research,9780134167213

Foundations of Nursing Research

by ;
Edition: 7th
Format: Paperback
Pub. Date: 5/1/2017
Publisher(s): PEARSO


Clear, engaging writing sparks an interest in nursing research and evidence-based nursing.

Foundations of Nursing Research illuminates all steps of the nursing research process, helping readers understand the importance of research to evidence-based nursing practice, evaluate and critique research, and determine whether study findings are ready to apply in practice. Its conversational tone explains research simply and clearly. To illustrate specific aspects of the research process, extensive research study excerpts are interspersed throughout the book, including research performed outside the U.S. User-friendly learning features include chapter objectives, key terms, summaries, review questions, research links, and self-tests.

Author Biography

Catherine A. Bailey, PhD, RN, CNE
Catherine Bailey is a registered nurse. She graduated from a diploma program in Germantown, Pennsylvania and received her BS, MS, and PhD from Texas Woman’s University (TWU) College of Nursing in Denton, Texas. She is an Associate Professor at Texas Woman’s University, College of Nursing in Dallas, Texas. Her primary interests are in nursing education, adult healthcare and research in nursing. She has taught undergraduate baccalaureate nursing students in the classroom, the simulation lab, and the clinical setting since 2001. She teaches research to master’s level graduate nursing students and she has chaired Professional Projects for Family Nurse Practitioner students. She also works with doctoral students who are seeking the degree of Doctor of Nursing Practice. She has published textbook chapters on the use of high-fidelity simulations for nursing students and case scenarios that are appropriate for simulation experiences. She has presented the findings from her studies in podium and poster presentations at METI HPSN Conferences and Sigma Theta Tau International Conferences as well as other regional and local venues.

Dr. Bailey has chaired the TWU Institutional Review Board for the Texas Woman’s University, Dallas Campus. She has worked as a research consultant for the Department of Veterans Affairs, VA North Texas Health Care System, Nursing Service, and participated in the planning of four biennial National Nursing Research conferences in Dallas, Texas. She is a past president of the Board of Directors for Sigma Theta Tau International, Beta Beta Chapter. She is an editorial review board member of the Journal of Theory Construction and Testing. She volunteers as a mentor of the Nursing Research and Evidence Based Practice Council at the UT Southwestern Medical Center William P. Clements Jr. University Hospital. Dr. Bailey is also a member of the International Association of Clinical Simulation and Learning, the American Association of the Colleges of Nursing, the American Nurses Association and the Texas Nurses Association.

Table of Contents

Part I: Introduction To Nursing Research

1. Development Of Nursing Research
Importance Of Research To Nursing
Goals For Conducting Nursing Research
Quantitative And Qualitative Research
Nurses And Research
Research Priorities Into The Future

2. Evidence-Based Nursing Practice
Defining Evidence-Based Practice
Evidence-Based Nursing Practice
The Cochrane Collaboration
Agency For Healthcare Research And Quality
Evidence-Based Nursing Practice Centers

3. Research Evidence In Nursing Practice
The Evolving Nature Of Evidence-Based Practice
Models To Promote Evidence-Based Practice In Nursing
Barriers Associated With EBP
Facilitators Of Evidence-Based Practice
Application Of The Iowa Model

4. Ethical Issues In Nursing Research
Development Of Ethical Codes And Guidelines
Institutional Review Boards
Elements Of Informed Consent
Integrity In Research
Critiquing The Ethical Aspects Of A Study
Research Guidelines for Nurses

5. An Overview Of Quantitative And Qualitative Research
Comparison Of Qualitative And Quantitative Research
Steps In Quantitative Research
Qualitative Nursing Research
Combining Qualitative And Quantitative Methods

Part II: Preliminary Steps In The Research Process

6. Identifying Nursing Research Problems
Sources Of Nursing Research Problems
Research Problem Considerations
Research Question Criteria
Research Question Format
Critiquing Problem Statements, Purpose Statements, and Research Questions 

7. Review Of The Literature
Purposes Of The Literature Review
Literature Sources
Search Strategies
Writing The Literature Review

8. Theory And Nursing Research
Theory Terminology
Types And Scope Of Theories In Nursing Research
Integrating Theory Into Nursing Research
Theoretical Development, Testing, And Critique

9. Hypotheses
Hypotheses Overview
Classifications Of Hypotheses
Developing Hypotheses

Part III: Research Designs

10. Quantitative Research Designs
Exploratory, Descriptive, and Explanatory Studies
Experimental Research
Types Of Experimental Designs
Nonexperimental Research
Critiquing Quantitative Research Designs 

11. Qualitative And Mixed Methods Research Designs
Qualitative Research Designs
Mixed Methods Research
Strategies For Mixed Method Research

Part IV: Obtaining Study Participants And Collection Of Data

12. Populations And Samples
Samples And Sampling
Sampling and Sampling Factors
Critiquing the Sampling Procedure

13. Measurement And Data Collection
Data-Collection Process
Criteria For Selection Of A Data-Collection Instrument
Utilizing the Data 

14. Data-Collection Methods
Observation Methods
Attitude Scales
Physiological And Psychological Measures
Other Data Collection Methods
Critiquing Data-Collection Methods

Part V: Data Analysis

15. Descriptive Statistics
Key Concepts In Statistics
Descriptive Statistics
Measures Of Relationships

16. Inferential Statistics
Purposes Of Inferential Statistics
Factors Affecting Choice Of Statistical Measures
Statistical Tests Used In Nursing Research

17. Presentation And Discussion Of Study Findings
Presentation Of Findings Of The Study
Discussion Of Findings And Significance
Conclusions, Implications, And Recommendations
Critiquing The Presentation Of Study Findings

Part VI: Research Findings And Nursing Practice

18. Communication And Utilization Of Nursing Research
Communication Of Nursing Research Findings
Utilization Of Nursing Research Findings

19. Nursing Research And Health Care Economics
Health Care Economics And Nursing
Nursing Research Cost-Effectiveness Studies
Impacts Of Governmental Agencies And Related Organizations

20. Critique Of Research Reports
Critiquing Quantitative Research Reports
Critiquing Qualitative Research Reports

Appendix A: Consent Form
Appendix B: Critiquing Exercise
Appendix C: Answer Key

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