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From Herodotus to H-Net The Story of Historiography,9780199923007

From Herodotus to H-Net The Story of Historiography

Format: Paperback
Pub. Date: 8/14/2015
Publisher(s): Oxford University Press


From Herodotus to H-Net: The Story of Historiography offers a concise yet comprehensive and up-to-date account of the many ways in which history has been studied and recounted, from the ancient world to the new universe of the Internet. It shows how the same issues that historians debate today were already recognized in past centuries, and how the efforts of historians in the past remain relevant today. Balanced and fair-minded, the book covers the development of modern academic scholarship, but also helps students appreciate the contributions of popular historians and public history.

Author Biography

Jeremy D. Popkin is the William T. Bryan Chair of History at the University of Kentucky.

Table of Contents

About the Author

Part I: Historiography from Herodotus to the Twentieth Century

1. What is Historiography?
The Concerns of Historiography
The Book and Its Author
Justifying the Study of the Past
A Short Field Guide to the Varieties of History

2. History in Ancient and Medieval Times
Herodotus and Thucydides
History-Writing in the Hellenistic and Roman Worlds
The Origins of Chinese Historiography
History, Judaism, and Christianity
History in the Middle Ages
History in the Chinese and Islamic Worlds
The Late Middle Ages in Europe

3. The Historiographical Revolution of the Early Modern Era
The Renaissance Revolution in Historiography
Historians in a New World
History in the Age of Print
History in the Age of the Enlightenment

4. The Nineteenth Century and the Rise of Academic Scholarship
The Revolutionary Era and the Development of the Historical Consciousness
Ranke and his 'Revolution'
Nationalism and Historical Scholarship
History and the Sciences of Society
A Historical Civilization

5. Scientific History in an Era of Conflict
Critiques of Scientific History
The First World War and the Understanding of History
The Founding of the "Annales" School
History and the Second World War
Social History in the Postwar Period
History in the Cold War World

Part II: Historiography in the Contemporary World

6. Glorious Confusion: Historiography from the 1960s to the End of the Millennium
The Challenges of the 1960s
Searching for a New History
New Paradigms for History
Women's History and the History of Gender Relations
Contesting Eurocentrism
The History of Memory
The "History Wars"

7. History in a New Millennium
A Historical Controversy to end the Millennium
History in the Internet Era
History Beyond the Printed Page
New Directions in Historical Scholarship

8. Historians at Work
So You Want to Go to Graduate School
Searching for a Job in History
The Quest for Tenure
Professors' Work
Is There Life After Tenure?
History Careers Outside of Academia

9. Conclusion

Suggestions for Further Reading

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