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Gangs of America,9781576753194

Gangs of America

Edition: Reprint
Format: Trade Paper
Pub. Date: 9/11/2005
Publisher(s): Berrett-Koehler Publishers
Availability: This title is currently not available.


Surpassing the state and the church, the corporation has become the core institution of the modern world. Written in an accessible style, Gangs of America scrutinizes the legal framework of the corporation and untangles questions about how and why the corporation evolved as it did. A new chapter, "So What's the Alternative?," provides a framework for assessing the alternatives to corporate dominance.

Table of Contents

ONE How Did Corporations Get So Much Power? 11(8)
In which the author reads a poll, feels provoked and befuddled, and organizes his investigation
TWO From Street Fights to Empire 19(11)
The British roots of the American corporation (1267-1773)
THREE The Ultimate Reality Show 30(8)
The brutal history of the Virginia Company (1607-1624)
FOUR Why the Colonists Feared Corporations ... 38(8)
In which the citizens of Boston demonstrate the use of the hatchet as an anti-monopoly device (1770-1773)
FIVE ...And What They Did About It 46(10)
How the framers of the American system restrained corporate power (1787-1850)
SIX The Genius 56(14)
The man who reinvented the corporation (1850-1880)
SEVEN Superpowers 70(17)
The corporation acquires nine powerful attributes (1860-1900)
EIGHT The Judge 87(15)
Stephen Field and the politics of personhood (1868-1885)
NINE The Court Reporter 102(8)
Who really decided the Supreme Court's most important corporate case? (1886)
TEN The Lavender-Vested Turkey Gobbler 110(8)
How a "majestic, super-eminent" lawyer deceived the Supreme Court (1883)
ELEVEN Survival of the Fittest 118(19)
"People power" versus a social Darwinist agenda (1886-1937)
TWELVE The Revolt of the Bosses 137(15)
The new mobilization of corporate political power (1971-2002)
THIRTEEN Speech = Money 152(9)
Using the First Amendment to block campaign finance reform
FOURTEEN Judicial Yoga 161(17)
The tangled logic of corporate rights
FIFTEEN Crime Wave 178(9)
The roots of the scandals of 2002
SIXTEEN Global Rule 187(10)
How international trade agreements are creating new corporate rights
SEVENTEEN Fighting Back 197(22)
A movement emerges to challenge corporate hegemony
EIGHTEEN Intelligent, Amoral, Evolving 219(11)
The hazards of persistent dynamic entities
NINETEEN So What's the Alternative? 230(13)
The vision of economic democracy
APPENDIX A Supreme Court Decisions 243(8)
APPENDIX B The Bill of Rights and the Fourteenth Amendment 251(2)
NOTES 253(23)
INDEX 282(16)

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