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Hardening Network Infrastructure,9780072255027

Hardening Network Infrastructure

Format: Paperback
Pub. Date: 5/6/2004
Publisher(s): McGraw-Hill Osborne Media
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"This book is invaluable to anyone facing the challenges of security in a business environment." --Paul D. Robertson, Moderator of Firewall-Wizards and Director of Risk Assessment, TruSecure CorporationA Note From Series Editor: "I first got to know Wesley Noonan through a common newsgroup. His insightful and technical comments stuck with me, and I finally met him at a conference several years later. Wes has the gift to present network security in a concise, well-reasoned way--easy for everyone to understand regardless of their security or networking knowledge. His writing style reflects his congenial presentation manner and his knowledge, and his eagerness to share his expertise is exceptional. Wes's guide to hardening your network infrastructure provides the step-by-step how-to approach that you need to build, deploy, and maintain a security defense. I've read every word; you will not be disappointed." --Roberta BraggFeatures a four-part hardening methodology:Do This Now!--Checklist of immediate steps to take to lockdown your system from further attackTake It From The Top--Systematic approach to hardening your perimeter and internal network infrastructure, focusing on firewalls, IDS/IPS, network content filtering, wireless LAN connections, routers, and switchesOnce Is Never Enough!--Ongoing monitoring and assessment plan to keep your network secure, including patch management and auditingHow to Succeed at Hardening Your Network Infrastructure--Strategies for getting budget approval, management buy-in, and employee cooperation for your security programAbout the author: Wesley J. Noonan, MCSE, CCNA, CCDA, NNCSS, Security+, is a Senior Network Consultant for Collective Technologies, LLC, a company specializing in storage, server and network design, architecture, implementation, and security.Series Editor: Roberta Bragg, CISSP, MCSE: Security, Security+, is the Security Advisor columnist for MCP magazine and a Security Expert for She also writes for the Security Watch newsletter and is the author of several computer books.

Table of Contents

Part I: Do This Now!

Ch. 1. Do these 6 things before you do anything else!

Ch. 2. Hardening Your Perimeter Network

Ch. 3. Firewalls, IDS, IDP

Ch. 4. Hardening Your External Access Connections Including VPN, Dial-in and Remote Access

Ch. 5. Hardening Your Perimeter Routers and Switches

h. 6. Positioning and Deploying Content Filters/Application Proxies

Ch. 7. Utilizing Your Perimeter Devices to Implement a Secure Perimeter


Ch. 8. Using Firewalls, IDS and IDP to Harden Your Internal Network

Ch. 9. Hardening Internal Routers, Switches

Ch. 10. Hardening Wireless LAN Connections

Ch. 11. Hardening Intersite Locations and WAN Connections

Ch. 12. Implement Access Authorization

Ch. 13. Implement an Enterprise Monitoring Solution

Ch. 14. How to Implement a Secure Internal Network

Part III: Once is Never Enough!

Ch. 15. Review Your Security Policy, Posture and Auditing

Ch. 16. Patches and Upgrades

Ch. 17. Managing Changes to Your Policy

Part IV: How to Succeed at Hardening Your Network Infrastructure

Ch. 18. Where Does the Money Come From and Setting Perceptions

Ch. 19. Staffing and Training Issues

Ch. 20. Handling Security Failures

Appendix A: Additional Infrastructure Security Resources

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