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Heinrich Himmler,9780199651740

Heinrich Himmler

Edition: Reprint
Format: Paperback
Pub. Date: 2/7/2013
Publisher(s): Oxford University Press
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In this, the first-ever comprehensive biography of the SS-Reichsführer, leading German historian Peter Longerich puts every aspect of Himmler's life under the microscope. Masterfully interweaving the story of Himmler's personal life and political career with the wider history of the Nazi dictatorship, Longerich shows how skilfully he exploited and manipulated his disparate roles in the pursuit of his far-reaching and grandiose objectives. In the process, heilluminates the extraordinary degree to which Himmler's own personal prejudices, idiosyncrasies, and predilections made their mark on the organizations for which he was responsible - especially the SS, which in so many ways bore the characteristic hallmarks of its leader, and whose history remains bothincomplete and incomprehensible without a detailed and intimate knowledge of its deeply sinister commander-in-chief.

Author Biography

Peter Longerich is Professor of Modern German History at Royal Holloway University of London and founder of the College's Holocaust Research Centre. He has published widely on the history of Nazi Germany and the Holocaust, including Holocaust: The Nazi Murder and Persecution of the Jews, also published by Oxford University Press, which is widely recognized as the standard account of the Nazi machinery of mass murder and the steps by which it unfolded.

Table of Contents

Abbreviatons and Glossary
Part I: Himmler's Early Years
1. Childhood and Youth
2. The Student of Agriculture
3. Struggle and Renunciation
4. A New Start in Lower Bavaria
5. The Party Functionary
6. Reichsfuhrer SS
Part II: Inside the Third Reich
7. The Take-Over of the Political Police
8. From Inspector of the Prussian Gestapo to Chief of the German Police
9. The State Protection Corps
Part III: The Order
10. Ideology and Religious Cult
11. Himmler's Leadership Style
12. Himmler as Educator
13. The SS Family
Part IV: Into War: Ambition and Disappointment
14. War Preparations and Expansion
15. War and Settlement in Poland
16. A New Racial Order
17. Repression in the Reich
18. Shifting Borders: The Year 1940
Part V: The Greater Germanic Reich: Living Space and Ethnic Murder
19. An Ideological War of Annihilation
20. From Mass Murder to the 'Final Solution'
21. The Murder of the European Jews
22. Settlement Policy and Racial Selection
23. The 'Iron Law of Ethnicity': Recruitment into the Waffen-SS
24. A Europe-wide Reign of Terror
Part VI: Downfall in Stages
25. A Turn in the War - A New Opportunity?
26. Collapse

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