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A History of Modern Africa 1800 to the Present,9780470658987

A History of Modern Africa 1800 to the Present

Edition: 2nd
Format: Paperback
Pub. Date: 1/17/2012
Publisher(s): Wiley
Availability: This title is currently not available.


Updated and revised to emphasise long-term perspectives on current issues facing the continent, the new 2nd Edition of A History of Modern Africa recounts the full breadth of Africa's political, economic, and social history over the past two centuries. Adopts a long-term approach to current issues, stressing the importance of nineteenth-century and deeper indigenous dynamics in explaining Africa's later twentieth-century challenges Places a greater focus on African agency, especially during the colonial encounter Includes more in-depth coverage of non-Anglophone Africa Offers expanded coverage of the post-colonial era to take account of recent developments, including the conflict in Darfur and the political unrest of 2011 in Egypt, Tunisia, and Libya

Author Biography

Richard Reid is Reader in the History of Africa at the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London. He is the author of Political Power in Pre-Colonial Buganda: Economy, Society and Warfare in the Nineteenth Century (2002), War in Pre-Colonial Eastern Africa (2007), and Frontiers of Violence in Northeast Africa (2011), as well as numerous articles on the nineteenth- and twentieth-century history of east and northeast Africa.

Table of Contents

List of Mapsp. xiv
List of Platesp. xv
Acknowledgments for the Second Editionp. xvii
Acknowledgmentsp. xviii
Introduction: Understanding the Contours of Africa's Pastp. 1
A Brief History of the Study of Africap. 5
Landp. 8
Peoplep. 12
Polity, Society, and Economy: Ingenuity and Violence in the Nineteenth Centuryp. 17
Western Transitions: Slave Trade and "Legitimate" Commerce in Atlantic Africap. 23
States and Societies during the Atlantic Slave Tradep. 24
"Illegal" Traffic: The Nineteenth-Century Slave Tradep. 28
Mineral and Vegetable: "Legitimate" Commercep. 32
Change and Continuity in Forest and Savannahp. 35
Eastern Intrusions: Slaves and Ivory in Eastern Africap. 42
Commercial Horizons: Slaves and Ivoryp. 43
Maritime Empire: Zanzibarp. 48
Statehood, Conflict, and Trade (1): The Lacustrine Zonep. 52
Statehood, Conflict, and Trade (2): Northeastern Africap. 59
Southern Frontiers: Colony and Revolution in Southern Africap. 65
African State and Society to around 1800p. 65
War, Revolution, and the Zulu Impactp. 67
Cape Colonialism: White Settlement and the "Native Question"p. 71
Voortrekkers: White Communities in the Interiorp. 74
Balances of Power to around 18 70p. 75
Africa and Islam: Revival and Reform in the Nineteenth Centuryp. 77
Revival and Reaction: North African Islamp. 81
Old and New Identities: Brotherhoods of the Desertp. 81
Trade and Conflict in the Mediterranean World: Ottoman and European Frontiersp. 82
Changing Society (1): The Maghrebp. 86
Changing Society (2): Egyptp. 89
Jihad: Revolutions in Western Africap. 94
Islam in Western Africa to the Eighteenth Centuryp. 94
The Wandering Fulanip. 96
Prophets and Warriorsp. 97
The Eastern Crescent: The Islamic Frontier in Eastern Africap. 103
Swahili Islam: Coastal Frontiers in the Nineteenth Centuryp. 103
Islam in the Central East African Interiorp. 105
Cross and Crescent in Northeast Africap. 106
Islam on the Nilep. 108
Africa and Europe: Commerce, Conflict and Co-option, to c.1920p. 113
The Compass and the Crossp. 119
Interested Gentlemen and Learned Bodies: Explorers and Explorationp. 119
Creeping Hegemony and the Invention of Africap. 123
European Missionary Activity in Africa to around 1800p. 125
Evangelical Humanitarians: Missionary Revivalp. 126
The Christian Impact on Culture, State, and Societyp. 129
Mission and Empirep. 134
"Whatever Happens…": Towards the Scramblep. 139
Africa and Theories of Imperialismp. 140
Race and Culturep. 142
Disorder and Civilizing Violence: Political and Economic Justificationsp. 145
Africans Adapting: Conquest and Partitionp. 150
Explaining the "Conquest"p. 150
Spears and Water: Violent Resistancep. 155
Histories Old and New: Colonialism and Historical "Knowledge"p. 165
Realities Old and New: Colonialism and Political "Knowledge"p. 168
Bush Wars and Distant Shadows: Africa in Global Warp. 175
Colonialismsp. 183
"Pax Colonia"? Empires of Soil and Servicep. 189
Monopolies on Violencep. 190
Slaves and Laborp. 193
Cash Cropsp. 194
White Settlementp. 199
Industryp. 201
Social Change and Emergent Crisisp. 204
Hearts and Mindsp. 207
Environment and Medicinep. 210
Hard Times: Protest, Identity, and Depressionp. 218
Making Tribesp. 218
Emergent Protest in the Islamic Worldp. 221
Salvation and Resistance: The African Churchp. 223
Class and Tribe: The Industrial Complexp. 224
Cash Crops, Rural Crises, and Peasant Protestp. 227
Other Voicesp. 230
Battles Home and Away: Africa in Global War (Again)p. 236
The War in the Continentp. 236
Shifts in Politics and Societyp. 241
The Dissolution of Empirep. 245
The Beached Whale: Colonial Strategies in the Postwar Worldp. 251
Postwar Africa and the International Climatep. 252
Economic Policies and Visions, c. 1945-50p. 253
Political Plans, c. 1945-50p. 256
Conceiving and Producing Nationsp. 259
The Widening Horizons of Belongingp. 260
Tensions and Transitions: From Political Consciousness to Political Partiesp. 261
Irresistible Force and Immovable Object: Nationalists and Settlersp. 268
A Time of Contrastsp. 273
Compromising Conflict: Routes to Independencep. 276
Debate and Debacle: "Constitutional" Transfers of Powerp. 276
Violence: Growth, Form, and Impactp. 286
From Suez to Sharpeville, and Beyond: The End of High Imperialismp. 291
Legacies, New Beginnings, and Unfinished Businessp. 297
Unsafe Foundations: Challenges of Independencep. 303
Building the Nation (1): Economy and Societyp. 303
Building the Nation (2): Polityp. 310
Political Stability and Islamp. 316
Crowded House: Africa and the Cold Warp. 320
Violence and the Militarization of Political Culturep. 328
The Military in African Politicsp. 328
The Politics and Cultures of Insurgencyp. 332
Expanding Military Horizonsp. 337
Rectification, Redemption, and Reality: Issues and Trends in Contemporary Africap. 339
Africa and the Post-Cold War Worldp. 339
Democracy and Authoritarianism: Trends in Governancep. 343
New Wars, Old Problemsp. 349
Body and Mindp. 352
Economic Predicaments: Assessing "Growth" and "Development"p. 355
Further Readingp. 363
Indexp. 365
Table of Contents provided by Ingram. All Rights Reserved.

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