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Icons Of Graphic Design Pa,9780500287293

Icons Of Graphic Design Pa

Format: Trade Paper
Pub. Date: 5/17/2008
Publisher(s): THAMES&HUD
Availability: This title is currently not available.


Here is a unique history of graphic design that charts over a century of creative brilliance, showcasing the most influential graphic designs from 1900 to the present. Organized chronologically to illustrate how one great concept can inspire the next, each year features a seminal piece of work by a graphic artist some famous, some anonymous the designs that originally inspired them and later works that show their influence. The evolution of ideas is brought alive through the encyclopaedic format and Steven Heller and Mirko Ilics revealing observations highlighting the manner in which graphic styles and artistic devices flow with times, thereby guaranteeing the books appeal to designers and students of design everywhere.

Table of Contents

Introductionp. 4
Expressive Hands 1900p. 8
Kids' Stories 1901p. 10
Patterns Personified 1902p. 12
Political Polemics 1903p. 14
Facial Symmetry 1904p. 16
Squaring Off 1905p. 18
Objective Economy 1906p. 20
Flat Men 1907p. 22
Play Books 1908p. 24
Long-legged Fantasy 1909p. 26
Grid Locks 1910p. 28
Classic Man 1911p. 30
Expressionist Truth 1912p. 32
Hypnotic Meandering 1913p. 34
J'Accuse 1914p. 36
Chaos Principle 1915p. 38
Metaphoric Type 1916p. 40
Hip to Be Square 1917p. 42
You Beast! 1918p. 44
Bars and Angles 1919p. 46
Circles and Wedges 1920p. 48
Type Characters 1921p. 50
Red Overprints 1922p. 52
Icontact 1923p. 54
Systematic Clutter 1924p. 56
Cover Girls and Guys 1925p. 58
Futuristic Fantasy 1926p. 60
Catalog Engineering 1927p. 62
Show of Hands 1928p. 64
Covering Art 1929p. 66
Portrait Charges 1930p. 68
Post-its 1931p. 70
Speeding Trains 1932p. 72
News Overprint 1933p. 74
Book of Days 1934p. 76
Heads Up 1935p. 78
Photojournalistic Truth 1936p. 80
Flat Color 1937p. 82
Playtime 1938p. 84
Attendance Required 1939p. 86
Out of the Shadows 1940p. 88
Recording Devices 1941p. 90
Hand in Glove 1942p. 92
Integrated Campaign 1943p. 94
Fists and Starts 1944p. 96
Modern Layout 1945p. 98
Cutout Figures 1946p. 100
Symbolizing Art 1947p. 102
Transcendent White 1948p. 104
Title Pages 1949p. 106
Nuts and Bolts 1950p. 108
Magazine FX 1951p. 110
Wit and Satire 1952p. 112
The "O"s Have It 1953p. 114
Mimetic Mnemonics 1954p. 116
Round and Round 1955p. 118
Protest Symbols 1956p. 120
Flying Type 1957p. 122
Prism Colors 1958p. 124
Emotive Motion 1959p. 126
Primal Screams 1960p. 128
Lingua Franca 1961p. 130
Optic Nerves 1962p. 132
Tag Lines 1963p. 134
Pictorial Narratives 1984p. 136
Radiation Fallout 1965p. 138
Flow Chart 1966p. 140
About Faces 1967p. 142
Comic Panels 1968p. 144
Photographically Surreal 1969p. 146
Navigational Aid 1970p. 148
Book Type 1971p. 150
Graphic Commentary 1972p. 152
Design for Designers 1973p. 154
Alphabet as Metaphor 1974p. 156
Shouts and Murmurs 1975p. 158
Making Book 1976p. 160
Cut-up Letters 1977p. 162
Envisioned Environments 1978p. 164
Valuable Paper 1979p. 166
Angular Composition 1980p. 168
Youth Culture 1981p. 170
Rebus Writing 1982p. 172
Anthropomorphic Frolic 1983p. 174
Sensual Stare 1984p. 176
Spreading Out 1985p. 178
Cautionary Words 1986p. 180
Multiple Layers 1987p. 182
Kinetic Overprints 1988p. 184
Object Photography 1989p. 186
Clips and Fragments 1990p. 188
Text Blocks 1991p. 190
Distort and Distress 1992p. 192
Designing Character 1993p. 194
Sky Writing 1994p. 196
Visualizing Music 1995p. 198
Chicken Scratching 1996p. 200
More Book Tricks 1997p. 202
Stock Stories 1998p. 204
Hyperactive Interactivity 1999p. 206
Head Case 2000p. 208
Pixel Power 2001p. 210
Backward Forward 2002p. 212
Sticker Culture 2003p. 214
Pod-Style 2004p. 216
Shape Shifters 2005p. 218
Swirls and Curls 2006p. 220
Bad Marks 2007p. 222
Indexp. 224
Table of Contents provided by Blackwell. All Rights Reserved.

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