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Iqbal A Selection of his Urdu and Persian Verse,9780199404032

Iqbal A Selection of his Urdu and Persian Verse

Format: Hardcover
Pub. Date: 7/25/2017
Publisher(s): Oxford University Press
Availability: This title is currently not available.

Author Biography

David J. Matthews, Dr, Fellow of the Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain

Dr David Matthews is a Fellow of the Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain, a trustee of the Iqbal Academy, United Kingdom, and a member of the Promotions Committee of Oslo University. He has constantly endeavoured to bring Urdu literature to the attention of Western readers, and his translations from Urdu into English include works by Rusva, Anis, Hali, Iqbal, Ibn-e Insha, Shaukat Siddiqi, and the modern Indian poet, Javed Akhtar. His Anthology of Urdu Verse in English was published by OUP, India.

Table of Contents

Romanization Scheme
From 'The Call of the Camel Bell' (B=ang-e Dar=a)
1. Himalaya (Him=ala)
2. A Child's Prayer (Bachch=e k=i Du'=a)
3. A Withered Rose (Gul-e Pazhmurda)
4. Piety and Profligacy (Zuhd aur Rind=i)
5. A Baby in Arms (?ifl-e Shirkhv=ar)
6. An Indian Anthem (Tar=ana-e Hind=i)
7. A New Shiva Temple (Nay=a Shiv=al=a)
8. On the Banks of the Ravi (Kin=ar-e R=av=i)
9. One Evening (=Ek Sh=am)
10. Sulaima (Sulaim=a)
11. A Song of Despair (Nav=a-e Gham)
12. Separation (Fir=aq)
13. Sicily (Siqiliyya)
14. Anthem for the Islamic Community (Tar=ana-e Mill=i)
15. From 'The Complaint' (Shikva)
16. From 'The Candle and the Poet' (Sham' aur Sh=a'ir)
17. From 'An Answer to the Complaint' (Jav=ab-e Shikva)
18. Khi×r on the Road (Khi×r-e R=ah)
19. The Rise of Islam (?ul?'-e Isl=am)
From 'The Secrets of the Self' (Asr=ar-e Khud=i)
20. Selection Exordium
The Story of the Young Man from Marv
The Story of the Bird who was Faint from Thirst
The Story of the Sheep and the Tigers
From 'The Psalms of Persia' (Zab?r-e 'Ajam)
21. A Selection of Ghazals
From 'The Song of Eternity' (J=av=idn=ama)
22. The Sphere of Mars
From 'The Wing of Gabriel' (B=al-e Jibr=il)
23. Ghazals
24. From 'The Mosque of Cordoba' (Masjid-e Qur?uba)
25. The Address to the S=aq=i (S=aq=in=ama)
26. To Javed (J=av=ed k=e N=am)
27. To the Religious Leaders of the Panjab (Panj=ab k=e P=irz=ado˝ s=e)
From 'The Rod of Moses' (=%Zarb-e Kal=im)
28. L=a il=aha ill'Allah
29. Learning and Love ('Ilm-o 'Ishq)
30. Student (?=alib-e 'Ilm)
31. Jihad (Jih=ad)
32. Purdah (Parda)
33. The Paris Mosque (Pairis k=i Masjid)
34. Eastern Nations (Aqv=am-e Mashriq)
35. Bolshevik Russia (Bolshevik R?s)
36. An Eastern League of Nations (Jamd=i'at-e Aqv=am aur Mashriq)
37. Women's Liberation (=Az=ad=i-e Nisv=a˝)

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