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Juran's Quality Handbook,9780070340039

Juran's Quality Handbook

Edition: 5th
Format: Hardcover
Pub. Date: 12/31/1998
Publisher(s): McGraw-Hill Professional
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With more than 200,000 copies sold, Juran's Quality Handbook is the best-selling resource in its field. A classic reference written by an international group of recognized experts, this book covers the trilogy of processes--quality planning, quality control, and quality results--that underlie management for quality. Featuring 80% new and revised content, the Fifth Edition delivers all the tools necessary for successful quality engineering and mangement well into the next century. Updated information includes sections on the Taguchi Method, ISO 9000, Benchmarking, Software Development, Adaptation of Strategic Quality Planning and Total Quality Management, as well as forward-looking advice both for supervisors and for self-directing teams. In response to the growing importance of computer software as the driving force behind both engineering and its management, this edition adds critical information on the latest computer and software and their applications. Reaching beyond the management site, it addresses supplier relations, customer service, and considerations for worldwide market standards. Chapters are authored by a global team of industrial experts, making this book ideal for quality engineers and managers, industrial engineers, and students.

Author Biography

Dr. Joseph. M. Juran, Co-Editor-in-Chief, publishes the leading reference and training materials on managing for quality, a field he has led internationally for decades. A graduate in engineering and law, Dr. Juran helped to create the U.S. Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award and has received over 40 medals and awards from 12 countries, including The Order of the Sacred Treasure from the Emperor of Japan, and the National Medal of Technology from the President of the United States for "his lifetime work of providing the key principles and methods by which enterprises manage the quality of their products and processes, enhancing their ability to compete in the global marketplace." Among his 20 books, the Handbook is the international reference standard.

A. Blanton Godfrey, Ph.D., Co-Editor-in-Chief, is Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Juran Institute. A former head of the Quality Department of AT&T Bell Laboratories, he is a co-author of Modern Methods for Quality Control and Improvement and Curing Health Care. He contributed to the creation of the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award and served as a judge from 1988-1990. He holds a Ph.D. in statistics from Florida State University.

Table of Contents


Preface to the Fifth Edition.

How to Use the Handbook.

How to Think About Quality.

The Quality Planning Process.

The Quality Control Process.

The Quality Improvement Process.

Process Management.

Quality and Income.

Quality and Costs.

Measurement, Information, and Decision-Making.

Computer Applications to Quality Systems.

The ISO 9000 Family of International Standards.


Strategic Deployment.

Total Quality Management.

Human Resources and Quality.

Training for Quality.

Project Management and Product Development.

Market Research and Marketing.

Quality in Research and Development.

Software Development.


Inspection and Test.

Job Shop Industries.

Customer Service.

Administrative and Support Operations.

Process Industries.

Quality in a High Tech Industry.

Automotive Industry.

Travel and Hospitality Industries.

Government Services.

Health Care Services.

Financial Services Industries.

Second-Generation Data Quality Systems.

Quality and Society.

Quality and the National Culture.

Quality in Developing Countries.

Quality in Western Europe.

Quality in Central and Eastern Europe.

Quality in the United States.

Quality in Japan.

Quality in the People's Republic of China.

Quality in Latin America.

Basic Statistical Methods.

Statistical Process Control.

Acceptance Sampling.

Design and Analysis of Experiments.

Reliability Concepts and Data Analysis.

Appendix I-Glossary of Symbols and Abbreviations.

Appendix II-Tables and Charts.

Appendix III-Selected Quality Standards, Specifications, and Related Documents.

Appendix IV-Quality Systems Terminology.

Appendix V-Quality Improvement Tools.

Name Index.

Subject Index.

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