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Kitchen and Bath Business and Project Management, with Website,9781118439128

Kitchen and Bath Business and Project Management, with Website

Edition: 2nd
Format: Hardcover
Pub. Date: 12/9/2013
Publisher(s): Wiley
Availability: This title is currently not available.


Kitchen & Bath Business Project Management, Second Edition is a comprehensive guide to professional practice for the kitchen and bath professional. This one-stop reference is based on the real-world experiences of kitchen and bath experts to ensure success in business and professional life. Kitchen & Bath Business Project Management, Second Edition is illustrated in full color throughout with improved graphic design so that visual learners can easily absorb both technical and professional practice information. This book also includes access to a companion website with easily customizable forms for increased efficiency, and an Instructor's Manual.

Author Biography

Hank Darlington has more than forty years of experience as a business owner, professional manager, and industry consultant.

Ellen Cheever, CMKBD, ASID is an award-winning, internationally known kitchen and bath design authority and educator.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Getting Started

Do You Have What It Takes?

Evaluate Yourself

Before You Start

Why Many Companies Do Not Make It

Avoid These Common Mistakes

Getting Help from Advisors and Mentors


Chapter 2: Planning Your Business

What Type of Kitchen and Bath Business Are You Going to Operate?

Your Business Selection Criteria

Deciding on the Right Business

Choosing a Name for Your Business

Stages of Company Growth

Short and Long Term Planning

How to Create a Strategic Business Plan for a Kitchen/Bath Dealer

Researching the Market

Preparing Your Business Plan


Chapter 3: Business Start-up Issues

Choosing the Business Legal Structure

Other Requirements and Considerations

Location, Location, Location

Financing the Business

A Look at Taxes

Selecting Vendor Partners

Buying Groups – Sharing Expertise

Joining the Business Community

Taking Advantage of Outside Help


Chapter 4: Accounting and Record Keeping

Why You Need to Keep Good Records

Establishing Bookkeeping Procedures

Choosing an Accounting System

What to Keep Track Of

Accounting Software for Your Business

Record Keeping and Administrative Needs

Hiring an Accountant or Bookkeeper

Budgeting for Profit and Cash Flow


Chapter 5: Financial Controls

Understanding Financial Statements

Chart of Accounts

The Balance Sheet

Cash Flow Analysis

Financial Ratio Analysis

Gross Margin

Ideas on How to Improve Gross Margins


Chapter 6: Protecting Your Business

Protection Includes Some of the Following:

Developing an Insurance Program

Protecting Your Business from Theft


Chapter 7: Basic Tax Management

Basic Tax Management

Special rules for small businesses

Tax Responsibilities

Specific Substantiation Requirements for Certain Expenses

Some Hints on How to Prevent an Audit

Help Available from the IRS

Other Taxes


Chapter 8: The Basics of Human Resource (People) Management

The Broad Picture of Human Resources

Human Resource Trends for the Future

Figuring out Your Needs

Deciding on the Right Compensation System for Your Sales Team

Examples of Compensation Plans

Resourceful Recruiting

Job Applications, Resumés, Testing, to Narrow down the List of Candidates

The Art of Interviewing

Making the Final Hiring Decision


Chapter 9: Human Resource Management—after the Decision Is Made

A Special Note From Hank

The Orientation Period

Training and Development

Policy and Procedures Manual

Creating an Employee-Friendly Work Environment

Alternate Working Arrangements May Attract Good Candidates

Keep Tabs on Company Morale

Conduct Regular Meetings

Measuring Employee Performance

Developing Disciplinary Procedures

Defining At-Will Employment

Terminating an Employee

Termination for “Just Cause”

Sample Forms


Chapter 10: Marketing

Marketing and Sales Are Not the Same

Looking at the Big Picture: the Marketing “Wheel of Fortune”

Make the Time

Your Marketing Plan and Budget

Marketing Budgets

Knowing Who Your Customers Are

Are You Offering the Right Product/ Service Package?

Knowing Who Your Competitors Are

Business Image and Branding Are Important

Establishing Your Brand

Finding and Filling a Meaningful Market Position

Why It’s Important to Have a Great Website

Develop an Advertising Campaign

Getting Your Work Published

Social Marketing for Kitchen & Bath Dealers

Sales and Selling

How to Get Started

Your Sales Team Needs a Strong Leader

Summary of How to Build a Marketing Plan

In Closing. . .


Chapter 11: Professional and Profitable Project Management


Section 1: the Business Owner’s/Manager’s Responsibilities

Section 2: The Designer of Record’s Responsibilities

Section 3: Managing the Client’s Expectations and the Project Jobsite

Section 4: Industry Standards for Moulding Order Procedures and Cabinet Installation


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