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The Lights that Failed European International History 1919-1933,9780199226863

The Lights that Failed European International History 1919-1933

Format: Paperback
Pub. Date: 9/27/2007
Publisher(s): Oxford University Press
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The peace treaties represented an almost impossible attempt to solve the problems caused by a murderous world war. In The Lights that Failed: European International History 1919-1933, part of the Oxford History of Modern Europe series, Steiner challenges the common assumption that the Treaty of Versailles led to the opening of a second European war. In a radically original way, this book characterizes the 1920s not as a frustrated prelude to a second global conflict but as a fascinating decade in its own right, when politicians and diplomats strove to re-assemble a viable European order. Steiner examines the efforts that failed but also those which gave hope for future promise, many of which are usually underestimated, if not ignored. She shows that an equilibrium was achieved, attained between a partial American withdrawal from Europe and the self-imposed constraints which the Soviet system imposed on exporting revolution. The stabilization painfully achieved in Europe reached it fragile limits after 1925, even prior to the financial crises that engulfed the continent. The hinge years between the great crash of 1929 and Hitler's achievement of power in 1933 devastatingly altered the balance between nationalism and internationalism. This wide-ranging study helps us grasp the decisive stages in this process. In a second volume, The Triumph of the Night , Steiner will examine the immediate lead up to the Second World War and its early years.

Author Biography

Zara Steiner is Emeritus Fellow, New Hall, University of Cambridge

Table of Contents

The Reconstruction of Europe, 1918-1929
The Hall of Mirrors: Peacemaking in the West
Distant Frontiers: Peacemaking in the East
Revolution from the Left: The Soviet Union and the Post-War Settlement
The Primacy of Economics: Reconstruction in Western Europe, 1919-1924
The Primacy of Nationalism: Reconstruction in Eastern and Central Europe
Revolution from the Right: Italy, 1919-25
The Geneva Dream: The League of Nations and Post-War Internationalism
New Dawn? Stabilisation in Western Europe after Locarno
Faltering Reconstruction: Cracks in the Locarno Facade
Troubled Waters: Uncertainties in Italy, Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union
Faltering Internationalism: Disarmament and Security after Locarno Conclusion: Europe Reconstructed?
The Hinge Years, 1930-1933
The Diplomacy of the Depression: Economics and Foreign Policy
Beyond Europe: The Manchurian Crisis
The Poisoned Chalice: The Pursuit of Disarmament Conclusion: The Hinge
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