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Marine Plankton A practical guide to ecology, methodology, and taxonomy,9780199233267

Marine Plankton A practical guide to ecology, methodology, and taxonomy

by ;
Format: Hardcover
Pub. Date: 4/16/2017
Publisher(s): Oxford University Press
Availability: This title is currently not available.

Author Biography

Claudia Castellani, Research Fellow and Plankton Taxonomist, Sir Alister Hardy Foundation for Ocean Science (SAHFOS),Martin Edwards, Chief Scientist, Sir Alister Hardy Foundation for Ocean Science (SAHFOS)

Claudia Castellani is a marine biologist, holding a BSc (Marine Biology), an MSc (Aquaculture and Fisheries) and a PhD (Zooplankton Ecology) degree from the University of Wales, Bangor. She has been working on main Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) thematic projects on plankton as a research assistant (PRIME, Plankton Reactivity in the Marine Environment) and as a post-doctoral researcher (Marine Productivity). She is currently working as data manager of the Atlantic Meridional Transect (AMT) and Plymouth Marine Laboratory (PML) within the NERC designated data centre for marine data management (BODC). Her main research interest is the taxonomy, ecology and physiology of zooplanktonic organisms.

Martin Edwards is an internationally recognised marine scientist whose primary research interest is in how climate and environmental change impacts on marine ecosystems. He and his colleagues were the first to demonstrate marine biodiversity distributional and phenological changes and whole ecosystem regime shifts in response to climate change. He has written over 100 publications including peer-reviewed papers, book chapters and policy related reports and assessments. As well as contributing to high level science he has considerable knowledge in transferring science into policy and was instrumental in bringing an applied ecological indicator approach to monitoring the marine environment which has subsequently been widely adopted.

Table of Contents

General Introduction
Section I - Ecology
1. The marine environment, N. P. Holliday and S. Henson
2. Plankton biodiversity and biogeography, G. Beaugrand
3. Phytoplankton productivity, J. A. Raven
4. Zooplankton productivity, A. G. Hirst
5. Phytoplankton biogeochemical cycles, C. Robinson
6. Zooplankton biogeochemical cycles, D. K. Steinberg
7. Plankton and global change, M. Edwards
8. Plankton and Fisheries, K. Brander
Section II - Methodology
9. Sampling, preservation, and counting of samples i) Phytoplankton, A. C. Kraberg, K. Metfies, and R. Stern
10. Sampling, preservation, and counting of samples ii) Zooplankton, P. H. Wiebe, M. C. Benfield, and A. Bucklin
Section III - Taxonomy
Part 1 - Phytoplankton
Introduction: Taxonomy of planktonic microbial eukaryotes, A. C. Kraberg and R. Stern
Phytoplankton: Diatoms, A. C. Kraberg and R. Stern
Phytoplankton: Dinoflagellates, A. C. Kraberg and R. Stern
Phytoplankton: Flagellates, R. Stern, H. Esson, and C. Balestreri
Part 2 - Zooplankton
Protozooplankton: Ciliates, A. Kraberg, J. Yang, R. Stern, and M. Struder-Kypke
Protozooplankton: Radiolaria and Achantharia, R. Stern, C. Taylor, S. Sadri, J. Decelle, and F. Not
Protozooplankton: Foraminifera, R. Stern, C. Taylor, and S. Sadri
Cnidaria: Schyphozoa and non-colonial Hydrozoa, P. Licandro, A. Fischer, and D. Lindsay
Cnidaria: colonial Hydrozoa (Siphonophorae), P. Licandro, C. Carre, and D. Lindsay
Ctenophora, P. Licandro and D. Lindsay
Crustacea: Introduction, C. Castellani
Crustacea: Copepoda
Crustacea: Branchiopoda, C. Castellani
Crustacea: Cirripedia and Facetotecta, E. Southward
Crustacea: Ostracoda, M. V. Angel and A. W. John
Crustacea: Decapoda, C. Buckland, C. Castellani, J. A. Lindley, and A. dos Santos
Crustacea: Stomatopoda, C. Castellani, C. Buckland, J. A. Lindley, and D. Conway
Crustacea: Lophogastrida and Mysida, C. Castellani, M. Lehtiniemi, and K. Meland
Crustacea: Amphipoda, T. Jonas
Crustacea: Euphausiacea, J. A. Lindley
Anellida: holoplanktonic Polychaeta, C. Castellani and R. Camp
Mollusca: holoplanktonic molluscs, S. Lischka and H. Ossenbrugger
Chaetognatha, A. C. Pierrot-Bults
Echinodermata, D.V.P. Conway, C. Castellani, and E. C. Southward
Bryozoa, J. Fuchs and J. Bishop
Brachiopoda, J. Fuchs
Phoronida, J. Fuchs
Rotifera, D. V. P. Conway and C. Castellani
Chordata: Thaliacea, P. Licandro and M. Brunetta
Chordata: Appendicularia, G. Gorsky and C. Castellani
Chordata: Fish eggs and larvae, P. Munk and J. G. Nielsen

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