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Materializing Religion: Expression, Performance and Ritual,9780754650942

Materializing Religion: Expression, Performance and Ritual

Format: Hardcover
Pub. Date: 12/26/2017
Publisher(s): Routledge
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The material symbol has become central to understanding religion in late modernity. Overtly theological approaches use words to express the values and faith of a religion, but leave out the 'incarnation' of religion in the behavioural, performative, or audio-visual form. This book explores the lived expression of religion through its material expression, demonstrating how religion and spirituality are given form and are thus far from being detached or ethereal.Cutting across cultures, senses, disciplines and faiths, the contributors register the variety in which religions and religious groups express the sacred and numinous. Including chapters on music, architecture, festivals, ritual, artefacts, dance, dress and magic, this book offers an invaluable resource to students of sociology and anthropology of religion, art, culture, history, liturgy, theories of late modern culture, and religious studies.

Table of Contents

List of Figures and Tables ix
List of Contributors xi
Foreword xv
1 Introduction: Material Varieties of Religious Expression
William J.F. Keenan and Elisabeth Arweck
2 Sacred Landscapes, Redundant Chapels and Carpet Warehouses: The Religious Heritage of South West Wales
Paul Chambers
3 The Shape of Faith or the Architectural Forms of the Religious Life
Simon Coleman and Peter Collins
4 Wrapped Attention: Revelation and Concealment in Nonconformism
Peter Collins and Pink Dandelion
5 Festivity and the Sacred: The Symbolic Universe in the Festival of the 'Fallas' of Saint Joseph (Valencia, Spain)
Xavier Costa
6 From the 'Upper Room' to the 'Christian Centre': Changes in the Use of Sacred Space and Artefacts in a Pentecostal Assembly
Malcolm Gold
7 From Imitation to Modification and Creation: Religious Dance in Contemporary Germany
Helga Barbara Gundlach
8 Magical Ritual in Modern Pagan Witchcraft
Melissa Harrington
9 Sacre Bleu: Faith, Fashion and Freedom: Marist Foundation Garments 1817-1862
William J.F. Keenan
10 The Aesthetics of Latin American Pentecostalism: The Sociology of Religion and the Problem of Taste 138(23)
Bernice Martin
11 The Sociology of Religion and Handel's Reception 161(14)
David Martin
12 Tibetan Religious Expression and Identity: Transformations in Exile 175(15)
Eve Mullen
13 Materializing Magical Power: Imagination, Agency and Intent in Feminist Witches' Rituals 190(12)
Kathryn Rountree
14 The Modern Pieta: Gendered Embodiment and the Religious Imaginary by the Side of the Dying 202(19)
Terhi Utriainen
15 Appropriation of Sacredness at Fatima in Portugal 221(16)
Ali Murat Yel
Index 237

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