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Measuring the Digital World Using Digital Analytics to Drive Better Digital Experiences,9780134195087

Measuring the Digital World Using Digital Analytics to Drive Better Digital Experiences

Format: Hardcover
Pub. Date: 12/9/2015
Publisher(s): Ft Pr
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  • Helps you capture the knowledge you need to deliver deep personalization at scale
  • Reflects today’s latest insights into digital behavior and consumer psychology
  • For every digital marketer, analyst, and executive who wants to improve performance

To win at digital, you must capture the right data, quickly transform it into the right knowledge,and use them both to deliver deep personalization at scale. Conventional digital metrics simplyaren’t up to the task. Now, Gary Angel shows how to reinvent digital measurement so it delivers allyou need to create richer, more compelling digital experiences.


For more than a decade, Angel has helped leading global enterprises succeed at digital. This bookreflects all he’s learned. You’ll find valuable guidance on understanding visitor intent… creatingcustomer taxonomies… digital segmentation… integrating VoC research… and using behavioralanalysis and controlled experiments to investigate what drives customer choice.


Angel will help you measure the value of every digital interaction more accurately, identify specificdigital behaviors that predict success, and create a comprehensive measurement paradigm thatintegrates all your digital spaces.


With flawed tools and siloed analytics, you’re blind to what’s really happening online. But you don’thave to be. Gary Angel will help you make the invisible visible… actionable… profitable.


Most common digital metrics are virtually useless. They measure the wrong things in the wrong ways. They don’t link digital activity to customer attitudes and behaviors. They don’t work well with today’s powerful analytics tools. Above all, they don’t help you improve your performance.


This book gives you a better way.


Gary Angel, leader of Ernst & Young’s pioneering Digital Analytics practice, presents a comprehensive framework for capturing the right data the right way, so you can comprehend digital behavior at a far deeper level.


Angel shows how to transform “raw facts” about digital behavior into meaningful knowledge about your visitors… what they were trying to accomplish…how well you helped them… how you can personalize and optimize their digital experiences from now on… how you can use measurement to provide deep personalization at scale.


More rigorous, integrated, and usable than any competitive book, Measuring the Digital World will help you create, deliver, and consume digital information with unprecedented sophistication. Whether you’re a digital analyst, marketer, user experience designer, or executive, you’ll find it indispensable.


Why conventional digital metrics are arbitrary and misguided

Refocus on what you need to know, not what you don’t


Capture the “why”

Integrate VoC research and behavioral data to build better, richer, more accurate segments


Go beyond snapshots: understand your customer’s entire digital experience

Understand how your customers’ views and behaviors evolve over time


Segment in three dimensions for a multichannel world

Treat each channel as part of a larger, integrated, sequential journey


Author Biography

GARY ANGEL (San Francisco Bay area, CA) is leader of Ernst & Young’s Digital Analytics Center of Excellence, and one of the world’s leading experts in digital measurement. Angel joined Ernst & Young when it acquired his previous company, Semphonic, which he co-founded and grew into one of the United States’ leading digital analytics practices. Voted 2012’s “Most Influential Industry Contributor” by the Digital Analytics Association, he writes an influential blog in the field (, and has published more than 20 whitepapers on advanced digital analytics practice. Angel has helped Fortune® 500 companies craft digital measurement and analytics strategies in industries ranging from financial services to technology, health/pharma to hospitality. His current practice focus areas include creating customer-driven digital models for big data systems, predictive dashboarding and forecasting, integrating enterprise VoC data into customer intelligence systems, and advanced digital segmentation. Angel founded the X Change Conference, now in its sixth year as the most prestigious digital measurement industry event.

Table of Contents

Part I: The Behavioral Foundation

1: Digital Meaning

2: Two-Tiered Segmentation

3: Use-Cases and Visit Intent

4: Customer Identity and Taxonomy

5: Website Structure

Part I Summary – Measuring the Digital World

Part II: Coloring Behavior

VoC Part 1: Refining Visit Intent

VoC Part 2: Knowing how people decide

VoC Part 3: Understanding Arrivals

VoC Part 4: Measuring Value

Part II Summary – Ask Before, During and After

Part III Measuring the Journey

A Primer on Big Data: Representing the Journey

Journey Analytics 1 – the Myth of the Golden Path

Journey Analytics 2 – Three Tiered Segmentation (User Stage)

Journey Analytics 3 – RFM and Survivors

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