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Media and Society: A Critical Perspective,9781442217805

Media and Society: A Critical Perspective

Edition: 3rd
Format: Paperback
Pub. Date: 8/9/2012
Publisher(s): Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
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Media and Society: A Critical Perspective offers an accessible introduction to the role that the mass media play in our lives, our society, and American culture. Berger explores the relationship between consumers and media with an emphasis on the shaping influence that both have on each other. This lively text, illustrated with original sketches by the author, equips students with the tools necessary to analyze the media that permeates their lives. The third edition features a discussion of the impact of Facebook, Twitter, and other social media on youth culture, an expanded discussion of media ethics, including the Murdoch phone-tapping scandal, an analysis of how media has affected our political landscape, and updated examples and material on media theories and ideology.

Author Biography

Arthur Asa Berger is professor emeritus of broadcast and electronic communication arts at San Francisco State University.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments for the Third Editionp. xi
Introduction: You and the Media A Considerationp. 1
Focal Points in the Study of the Mass Mediap. 2
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and the Focal Pointsp. 3
Two Anecdotes on Choicep. 5
Media in Our Thoughts and Lives: A Psycho-Social Perspective on Individuals, Society, and the Mediap. 9
Johnny Q. Public's Media Usagep. 9
A Group Portrait of My Readersp. 10
Statistics on Media Usep. 11
Media Effects and Your Lifep. 13
Television Viewing and "Vicious" Cyclesp. 14
The Media in Societyp. 15
A Case Study: Where Did I Get That Idea?p. 16
Society, the Individual, and the Communication Processp. 21
Media Usage in the United Statesp. 23
The Kaiser 2010 Media Usage Studyp. 23
The Kinds of Media We Usep. 25
A Primer on Communicationp. 26
Traditional Ways of Classifying the Mediap. 28
McLuhan on Hot and Cool Mediap. 29
The Media Help Shape the Texts They Carryp. 32
Semiotics and Media Aestheticsp. 35
Saussure on Signsp. 36
Peirce on Icons, Indexes, and Symbolsp. 38
Lying with Signsp. 39
Editing Techniques and Semioticsp. 41
The Nature of Narratives: Vladimir Proppp. 44
A Proppian Analysis of James Bond Novels and Filmsp. 46
The Nature of Narratives: Claude Levi-Straussp. 48
The Importance of Narrativesp. 49
Postmodernism and Media Aestheticsp. 50
Blade Runner, Rashomon, and Survivor: Three Postmodern Textsp. 52
Media and Textual Analysisp. 55
Yuri Lotman on Textsp. 55
Theories of Art: What Texts Dop. 57
The Texts the Media Carry Have Powerp. 59
Convention and Invention in Textsp. 59
The Power of Commercialsp. 60
Analyzing Commercialsp. 63
Narratives in the Mediap. 64
Aristotle on Narrativesp. 65
Texts and Other Texts: Intertextualityp. 67
The Question of the "Ur-Text"p. 69
News on Televisionp. 70
9/11 and the Social and Political Impact of Media Imagesp. 71
By Words Alonep. 72
Audiences I: Categoriesp. 75
Audiences Are Specializedp. 75
Problems Advertisers Facep. 76
Shares and Ratingsp. 77
New Developments in Obtaining Ratingsp. 78
Demographics and Audiencesp. 80
Psychographics and Audiencesp. 83
The VALS Typologyp. 84
Categories of Consumersp. 85
Political Cultures and Lifestyles as Audiencesp. 87
Active Audiences: Decoding Mass-Mediated Textsp. 90
Active Audiences: Uses and Gratificationsp. 92
Uses and Gratifications and Genresp. 94
Audiences II: Effectsp. 97
Is Mass Culture Making Us All Morons?p. 97
Johnny and Emily Make Dinnerp. 99
The Concept of Media Effects Needs Qualificationp. 100
Criticisms of the Mass Media and the Texts They Carryp. 101
Anti-Media Ragep. 111
Defenders of the Mass Media and Popular Culturep. 112
Other Defenses of the Mass Media and the Texts They Carryp. 114
The Postmodern Solutionp. 115
The Mass Culture/Mass Society Hypothesisp. 121
The Mass Culture Hypothesis: Myth or Reality?p. 121
Round Up the Usual Indictments; or, The Language of Criticism in the Fiftiesp. 122
Where are the Mass Men and Mass Women the Critics of the Fifties Warned Us About?p. 123
Does Popular Culture Destroy Our Ability to Enjoy Elite Culture?p. 124
Are We Becoming Homogenized? Are the Mass Media Uniform?p. 126
Mass Culture and the Melting Potp. 127
Mass Culture and American Society: The Myth of the Monolithp. 129
The Social Impact of New Media Technologiesp. 133
The Impact of Cell Phonesp. 134
The Digital Worldp. 136
The Computer and Culturep. 138
Virtual Communitiesp. 142
Video Games: A Bio-Psycho-Social Perspectivep. 145
Criticisms of Video Gamesp. 146
The Supreme Court and Video-Game Violencep. 147
Positive Aspects of Video-Game Playingp. 148
The Technological Imperativep. 149
The Problem of Media Violencep. 153
How Is Media Violence Defined?p. 154
A Longitudinal Study of Television Viewing and Violencep. 155
Kinds of Violencep. 158
Violence in Texts: Quantity Versus Qualityp. 159
Violence in News Broadcastsp. 160
Children and Media Violencep. 162
"Kill 'em"p. 164
Media and Politicsp. 167
Media Consolidationp. 167
On Cultural Imperialism: The Coca-colonization Hypothesisp. 170
A Note on Ideology and the Mediap. 172
The Problem of Pornographyp. 172
A Supreme Court Decision on Virtual Child Pornographyp. 174
The Spiral of Silence: Public Opinion and Political Ideologyp. 176
Government Regulation and Deregulation of Broadcastingp. 178
Ethnic Media: A Complicating Factorp. 180
Media Artistsp. 183
Publishing a Scholarly Book: A Case Studyp. 184
The Book Businessp. 186
The Kindle, the Nook and the E-Book Revolutionp. 188
Script Writing and Aberrant Decodingp. 189
Media Ethics and Journalistsp. 192
The Rupert Murdoch Scandalp. 192
Ethics and Advertising 1: Selling Cancerp. 192
Ethics and Advertising 2: Portrayal of Womenp. 193
Ethics and Advertising 3: Political Commercialsp. 195
The Citizens United Supreme Court Decisionp. 198
Glossaryp. 201
Selected Bibliographyp. 215
Indexp. 227
About the Authorp. 235
Table of Contents provided by Ingram. All Rights Reserved.

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