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Music: An Appreciation,9781259892707

Music: An Appreciation

Edition: 12th
Format: Hardcover
Pub. Date: 2/20/2017
Publisher(s): McGraw-Hill Education

Table of Contents


Part I Elements

1. Sound: Pitch, Dynamics, and Tone Color

2. Performing Media: Voices and Instruments

3. Rhythm

4. Music Notation

5. Melody

6. Harmony

7. Key

8. Musical Texture

9. Musical Form

10. Performance  

11. Musical Style

Part II The Middle Ages

1. Music In The Middle Ages (450-1450)

2. Gregorian Chant

3. Secular Music in the Midde Ages

4. The Development of Polyphony: Organum

5. Fourteenth -Century Music: The "New Art" in Italy and France

Part III The Renaissance 

1. Music in the Renaissance (1450 - 1600) 

2. Sacred Music in the Renaissance 

3. Secular Music in the Renaissance 

4. The Venetian School: From Renaissance to Baroque

Part IV The Baroque Period

1. Baroque Music (1600-1750)

2. Music In Baroque Society

3. The Concerto Grosso And Ritornello Form

4. The Fugue

5. The Elements Of Opera

6. Opera In The Baroque Era

7. Claudio Monteverdi

8. Henry Purcell

9. The Baroque Sonata

10. Arcangelo Corelli

11. Antonio Vivaldi

12. Johann Sebastian Bach

13. The Baroque Suite

14. The Chorale And Church Cantata

15. The Oratorio

16. George Frideric Handel

Part V The Classical Period

1. The Classical Style (1750-1820)

2. Composer, Patron, And Public In The Classical Period

3. Sonata Form

4. Theme And Variations

5. Minuet And Trio

6. Rondo

7. The Classical Symphony

8. The Classical Concerto

9. Classical Chamber Music

10. Joseph Hadyn

11. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

12. Ludwig Van Beethoven

Part VI The Romantic Period

1. Romanticism In Music (1820-1900)

2. Romantic Composers And Their Public

3. The Art Song

4. Franz Schubert

5. Robert Schumann 

6. Clara Wieck Schumann

7. Frederic Chopin

8. Franz Liszt

9. Felix Mendelssohn

10. Program Music

11. Hector Berlioz

12. Nationalism In Nineteenth-Century Music

13. Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky

14. Bed rich Smetana

15. Antonin Dvorak

16. Johannes Brahms 

17. Georges Bizet

18. Giuseppe Verdi

19. Giacomo Puccini

20. Richard Wagner 

21. Gustav Mahler

Part VII The Twentieth Century

1. Musical Styles: 1900-1945

2. Music and Musicians in Society since 1900

3. Impressionism and Symbolism

4. Claude Debussy

5. Maurice Ravel

6. Neoclassicism

7. Igor Stravinsky

8. Expressionism

9. Arnold Schoenberg

10. Alban Berg

11. Anton Webern

12. Bela Bartok

13. Dmitri Shostakovich

14. Music in America

15. Charles Ives

16. George Gershwin

17. William Grant Still

18. Aaron Copland

19. Albert Ginestera

20. Musical Styles Since 1945

21. Music Since 1945: Five Representative Pieces

Part VIII Jazz

1. Jazz Styles 

2. Ragtime 

3. Blue 

4. New Orleans Style  

5. Swing 

6. Bebop 

7. Jazz Styles since 1950

Part IX Music for Stage and Screen

1.  Musical Theater 

2. Leonard Bernstein 

3. Music in Film  

Part X Rock

1. Rock Styles 

2. Rock in American Society 

3. The Beatles

Part XI Nonwestern Music

1. Music in Nonwestern Cultures

2. Music In Sub-Saharan Africa

3. Classical Music Of India 

4. Koto Music of Japan 




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