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The Origins of Creativity,9780198507154

The Origins of Creativity

by ;
Format: Hardcover
Pub. Date: 7/12/2001
Publisher(s): Oxford University Press
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The exploration of creativity used to be confined to the domains of psychology and philosophy. This has changed greatly in recent years with the dramatic advances of modern neuroscience and our greatly improved understanding of higher brain function. This book examines the biology of the brain and creativity not only through psychology and philosophy but also with the input of art, science and neurobiology, for the first time bringing the discoveries of modern neurobiology to bear on the subject of creativity. It addresses four themes central to our understanding of creativity: the creative experience in art and science; the mind's perception of patterns; the biological basis of imagination; and the influence of the environment of creative powers. In this fascinating and inter-disciplinary collection of essays painters and composers explore the creative processes in their arts, a mathematician points out that computer generated fractal images are often perceived as art and evoke emotional reactions, and modern neuroscience begins to explain the creator's experience and sees creative decision-making as a function that is inseparable from emotion. Not only are these essays fascinating within themselves, but they interact and collide in such a way that suddenly mathematics is bringing forth art and science becomes an argument for unexplainable emotions. Many questions and theories are explored in these pages - What is the Eureka experience, how do the brain and mind make creative decisions, and what is the role of emotion? In the end The Origins of Creativity will explore with you the possibility of creativity being a genetically encoded product of the evolution of the brain, favored by natural selection, but influenced by the environment of each individual as it unifies traditional views on creativity with today's new sciences of the mind.

Table of Contents

List of colour plates
List of other illustrations
The entangled bank: an introduction xi
Eureka! Discovery versus creation
Overturning the dogma: catalytic RNA
Thomas R. Cech
Form from fire
Dale Chihuly
Meaning in art and science
Gunther S. Stent
Body, brain, and mind: emotion and reason
Embracing the range
David E. Rogers
Some notes on brain, imagination, and creativity
Antonio R. Damasion
With music in mind
Bruce Adolphe
The evolving brain
Karl H. Pfenninger
The adaptive mind: deprivation versus rich stimulation
The early experience
Janina Galler
Creators: multiple intelligences
Howard Gardner
Tides of Genius
George E. Palade
Patterns of perception
A painter's perspective
Francoise Gilot
Line Versus color: the brain and the language of visual arts
Charles F. Stevens
The fractal universe
Benoit B. Mandelbrot
Insights into the foundations of creativity: a synthesis
References and further reading 237(10)
Biographies 247(16)
Index 263

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