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The Perfect Matrimony,9781934206683

The Perfect Matrimony

Edition: 7th
Format: Paperback
Pub. Date: 5/1/2012
Publisher(s): Glorian Pub
Availability: This title is currently not available.


The first of seventy books written by the founder of the modern Gnostic Movement, The Perfect Matrimony contains a complete introduction to the profound and beautiful mystical knowledge from which all the world's great religions have blossomed. First published in 1950, this book contains the first public revelation of the esoteric teachings of Alchemy, Tantra, Kabbalah, and the mysteries of the Mayans, Aztecs, Egyptians, Tibetans, Eleusians, Essenes, and hundreds more.

Table of Contents

Introductionp. 1
Lovep. 11
The Son of Manp. 15
The Great Battlep. 21
The Abyssp. 35
The Sphere of Lilithp. 35
The Psychology of the Sphere of Lilithp. 37
The Sphere of Nahemahp. 38
The Psychology of the Sphere of Nahemahp. 39
The Mystique of Nahemahp. 39
Normal Sexualityp. 41
Suprasexualityp. 47
The Seven Churchesp. 53
Happiness, Music, Dance, and the Kissp. 75
GAIOp. 81
Direct Knowledgep. 91
Practicep. 93
Grow and Multiplyp. 95
The Education of Childrenp. 95
Sinp. 95
Educationp. 96
Professionp. 96
Concerning Daughtersp. 96
Two Ritualsp. 99
The Last Supperp. 99
Sexual Forces and Ritualp. 101
The Gnostic Churchp. 103
Sacramentsp. 105
The Christp. 106
Resurrectionp. 106
Unctionp. 107
Sacred Vestmentsp. 107
The Officiating Altarp. 107
Epiphanyp. 108
The Praetorp. 108
The Key in Order to Perform Conscious Astral Projectionp. 109
Key in Order to Carry the Physical Body into the Jinn Statep. 109
General Aspects of the Gnostic Ritualp. 110
The Four Seasonsp. 110
The Pater Nosterp. 110
The Two Marysp. 113
The Work with the Demonp. 117
Origin of the Ip. 117
The Death of Satanp. 117
The Intimate Starp. 117
God Does Not Evolvep. 118
Evolution and Devolutionp. 118
Total Revolutionp. 118
Painp. 118
Timep. 119
The Seven Fundamental Centers of Manp. 119
Technique for the Dissolution of the Tp. 120
Intellectual Centerp. 121
Movementp. 121
Emotional Centerp. 122
Instinctp. 122
Sexp. 122
The Absolute Death of Satanp. 123
Adulteryp. 123
The Root of Painp. 124
Celibacyp. 125
Laws of the Bodiesp. 126
The Awakening of Consciousnessp. 129
Fascinationp. 129
Sleepp. 129
Remembering Oneselfp. 130
Complementary Practicep. 132
Patience and Tenacityp. 133
The Four States of Consciousnessp. 133
Impatiencep. 136
Dreams and Visionsp. 137
Consciousness, Subconsciousness, Supraconscious ness, Clairvoyant Consciousnessp. 141
Supraconsciousnessp. 141
Memoryp. 141
Special Nourishment to Develop the Power of the Memoryp. 142
Internal Experiencesp. 142
Clairvoyance and Pseudo-clairvoyancep. 142
Objective Clairvoyancep. 143
Clarificationp. 144
Realityp. 145
Consciousness, Subconsciousness, and Supraconsciousnessp. 146
The Six Fundamental Dimensionsp. 146
Initiationp. 147
The Guardian of the Thresholdp. 147
The Second Guardianp. 148
The Third Guardianp. 149
The Hall of Firep. 149
The Ordeals of Fire, Air, Water, and Earthp. 149
The Ordeal of Firep. 149
The Ordeal of Airp. 150
The Ordeal of Waterp. 150
The Ordeal of Earthp. 151
The Initiations of Minor Mysteriesp. 151
The Initiations of Major Mysteriesp. 152
The First Initiation of Major Mysteriesp. 152
The Second Initiation of Major Mysteriesp. 154
The Third Initiation of Major Mysteriesp. 154
The Fourth Initiation of Major Mysteriesp. 155
The Fifth Initiation of Major Mysteriesp. 156
The Perfect Matrimonyp. 157
The Food of the Serpentp. 159
The Laboratory of the Third Logosp. 161
Chac Moolp. 162
Serpentine Civilizationsp. 165
The Exoteric and Esoteric Circlesp. 165
The Chakras and the Plexusesp. 166
Clarificationsp. 167
The Problem of Internal illuminationp. 168
Summary of the Five Great Initiationsp. 169
The Vehicles of Firep. 170
Patience and Tenacityp. 170
Conscious Faithp. 170
Religions and Schoolsp. 171
Charityp. 171
Psychic Developmentp. 171
Resurrection and Reincarnationp. 177
Resurrection and Reincarnationp. 180
Reincarnation of the Personalityp. 180
Life-spanp. 181
Recurrencep. 182
The Question of Personalityp. 183
The Returns of the Egop. 183
Advantages of Resurrectionp. 184
The Loss of the Soulp. 185
Love and Deathp. 186
The Ninth Spherep. 191
Fear-mongersp. 193
The Ascent and Descent of the Kundalinip. 195
The Sexual Spasmp. 197
Instructionsp. 198
Amplificationp. 199
Sexual Yogap. 201
Endocrinologyp. 204
Secondary Sexual Characteristicsp. 205
Psychology and Endocrinologyp. 206
Infrasexualityp. 207
Evolution and Devolutionp. 207
Yoga Exercisesp. 209
The Flying Serpentp. 211
The Serpent Birdp. 211
The Caduceus of Mercuryp. 212
The Igneous Wingsp. 213
FARAONp. 214
The Flying Serpentp. 215
The Jinn Statep. 215
Serpents that Flyp. 216
The Doublesp. 217
The Cardiasp. 219
Practicep. 221
The Temple of the Serpent Birdp. 222
Another Type of Fear-mongerp. 223
Secret Egyptp. 227
Fatalityp. 231
Love: the Only Path of Salvationp. 234
Sufismp. 234
Infrasex in Yogap. 237
Aztec Magicp. 238
Totemismp. 239
The Totem Godsp. 242
Elementalsp. 242
Sacred Phallicismp. 245
Sex and Serpentp. 247
Infrasexual Schoolsp. 250
Initiation and the Serpentp. 251
The Cult of Firep. 253
The Whirling Dervishesp. 255
Egyptian Darknessp. 255
Javhep. 257
The Ages of the Worldp. 259
The Great Problemp. 259
The Four Gospelsp. 262
The Mother Kundalinip. 263
The Eddap. 265
Human Salvationp. 269
The Five-pointed Starp. 273
The Wordp. 275
The Eskimos of the Northp. 279
The Divine Trinityp. 291
Special Indicationp. 295
The Christp. 297
Conclusionp. 309
Table of Contents provided by Ingram. All Rights Reserved.


If we make a comparative study of religions, we shall then discover phallicism at the foundation of all schools, religions and esoteric sects. Let us remember Peristera, the Nymph of Venus' entourage, who was transformed into a dove by love. Let us remember the virtuous Venus. Let us remember the processions of the God Priapus from the august ancient Rome of the Caesars when the priestesses of the Temple, filled with ecstasy, majestically carried an enormous phallus made out of sacred wood. Hence, Freud (the founder of psychoanalysis) correctly stated that religions have a sexual origin.The Mysteries of Fire are contained within the Perfect Matrimony. All the cults to the Fire are totally sexual. The vestals were true priestesses of love. With them, the celibate priests reached adepthood. It is unfortunate that the modern vestals (nuns) do not know the key of Sexual Magic. It is unfortunate that the priests of this day and age have forgotten the secret key of sex. We feel profound pain when we see so many yogis ignoring the supreme key of yoga, which is Sexual Magic, the supreme synthesis of all systems of yoga.People are filled with horror when they hear about Sexual Magic; however, they are not filled with horror when they give in to all kinds of sexual perversion and carnal passion.In this book, dear reader, you have the synthesis of all religions, schools and sects.

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