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The Periodic Table Its Story and Its Significance,9780195305739

The Periodic Table Its Story and Its Significance

Format: Hardcover
Pub. Date: 10/12/2006
Publisher(s): Oxford University Press
Availability: This title is currently not available.


"The periodic table is one of the most potent icons in science. It lies at the core of chemistry and embodies the most fundamental principles of the field. This book provides a successor to van Spronsen's classic book on the subject, but goes further in evaluating the extent to which modern physics has explained the periodic system."--BOOK JACKET.

Author Biography

Dr. Eric Scerri is a leading philosopher of science specializing in the history and philosophy of the periodic table. He is also the founder and editor in chief of the international journal Foundations of Chemistry and has been a full-time lecturer at UCLA for the past five years where he regularly teaches classes of 350 chemistry students as well as classes in history and philosophy of science.

Table of Contents

Introduction xiii
CHAPTER 1 The Periodic System: An Overview 3(26)
CHAPTER 2 Quantitative Relationships among the Elements and the Origins of the Periodic Table 29(34)
CHAPTER 3 Discoverers of the Periodic System 63(38)
CHAPTER 4 Mendeleev 101(22)
CHAPTER 5 Prediction and Accommodation: The Acceptance of Mendeleev's Periodic System 123(36)
CHAPTER 6 The Nucleus and the Periodic Table: Radioactivity, Atomic Number, and Isotopy 159(24)
CHAPTER 7 The Electron and Chemical Periodicity 183(22)
CHAPTER 8 Electronic Explanations of the Periodic System Developed by Chemists 205(72)
CHAPTER 9 Quantum Mechanics and the Periodic Table 277
CHAPTER 10 Astrophysics, Nucleosynthesis, and More Chemistry 249(38)
Notes 287(42)
Index 329

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