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Philosophy of Science,9780415257824

Philosophy of Science

by ;
Format: Nonspecific Binding
Pub. Date: 12/7/2001
Publisher(s): Routledge
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Philosophy of Science: Contemporary Readingsis a comprehensive anthology that draws together leading philosophers writing on the major themes in the philosophy of science. Sections are: Science and Philosophy; Explanation; Causation and Laws; Scientific Theories and Conceptual Change; Scientific Realism; Testing and Confirmation of Theories; and Science in Context. Each section is prefaced by an introductory essay by the editors. The readings are designed to complementPhilosophy of Science: A Contemporary Introduction(Routledge 2000), though the anthology can also be used as a stand-alone volume.

Author Biography

Yuri Balashov teaches Philosophy at the University of Georgia Alex Rosenberg teaches Philosophy at Duke University

Table of Contents

Prefacep. ix
Acknowledgementsp. x
Science and Philosophy
Introductionp. 3
Moritz Schlick, "The Future of Philosophy"p. 8
Alex Rosenberg, "Biology and Its Philosophy"p. 22
Questionsp. 34
Further Readingp. 35
Explanation, Causation, and Laws
Introductionp. 39
Carl Hempel, "Two Models of Scientific Explanation"p. 45
Bas van Fraassen, "The Pragmatics of Explanation"p. 56
Philip Kitcher, "Explanatory Unification and the Causal Structure of the World"p. 71
Wesley C. Salmon, "Scientific Explanation: Causation and Unification"p. 92
J.L. Mackie, "The Logic of Conditionals"p. 106
John Earman, "Laws of Nature"p. 115
Questionsp. 125
Further Readingp. 126
Scientific Theories and Conceptual Change
Introductionp. 129
Ernest Nagel, "Experimental Laws and Theories"p. 132
Paul Feyerabend, "Explanation, Reduction, and Empiricism"p. 141
Philip Kitcher, "Theories, Theorists and Theoretical Change"p. 163
Questionsp. 188
Further Readingp. 189
Scientific Realism
Introductionp. 193
Ernest Nagel, "The Cognitive Status of Theories"p. 197
Larry Laudan, "A Confutation of Convergent Realism"p. 211
Gary Gutting, "Scientific Realism versus Constructive Empiricism: A Dialogue"p. 234
Ernan McMullin, "A Case for Scientific Realism"p. 248
Questionsp. 281
Further Readingp. 281
Testing and Confirmation of Theories
Introductionp. 285
Bertrand Russell, "On Induction"p. 289
Karl Popper, "Science: Conjectures and Refutations"p. 294
Karl Popper, "Darwinism as a Metaphysical Research Programme"p. 302
Charles Darwin, "Difficulties of the Theory"p. 305
Peter Achinstein, "The Grue Paradox"p. 307
N. Russell Hanson, "Seeing and Seeing As"p. 321
W.V. Quine, "Two Dogmas of Empiricism"p. 340
Larry Laudan and Jarrett Leplin, "Empirical Equivalence and Underdetermination"p. 362
Wesley Salmon, "Bayes's Theorem and The History of Science"p. 385
Questionsp. 402
Further Readingp. 403
Science in Context: The Challenge of History and Sociology
Introductionp. 407
Dudley Shapere, "The Structure of Scientific Revolutions"p. 410
Thomas Kuhn, "Objectivity, Value Judgment, and Theory Choice"p. 421
David Bloor, "The Strong Programme in the Sociology of Knowledge"p. 438
Elizabeth Anderson, "Feminist Epistemology: An Interpretation and a Defense"p. 459
Ernan McMullin, "The Social Dimensions of Science"p. 489
Questionsp. 500
Further Readingp. 501
Bibliographyp. 502
Indexp. 507
Table of Contents provided by Syndetics. All Rights Reserved.

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