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Picture Yourself as a Magician,9781598634990

Picture Yourself as a Magician

Edition: 1st
Format: Paperback
Pub. Date: 3/24/2008
Publisher(s): Cengage Learning PTR
Availability: This title is currently not available.


Picture yourself at the center of a gathering and entertaining your friends and family with the wonders of magic. See yourself performing street magic miracles, vanishing objects in your hands or dealing a royal flush with your card skills. If you've always wanted to learn and perform the mysterious art of magic, "Picture Yourself as a Magician offers instruction on magic for the street, card table, stage, or close-up. You'll also learn to read minds and execute escapes. The accompanying DVD offers 90 minutes of demonstrations and instructions to supplement the book. With this book, you'll soon be wowing and entertaining your friends and family.

Table of Contents

The Art of Magic
Jump Right In
Easy Card Tricks Aces
Five Two
Pack Prediction The Reversed Card Card Box Mind-Reading Two Card Monte
Basic Card Handling
Dealing Cards Overhand Shuffle
Hindu Shuffle Table Shuffle
Riffle Shuffle (two variations)
One-Handed Cut
Basic Sleight of Hand With Cards Card
Controls Key Card
Overhand Shuffle Key Card
Glimpse Holding a Break Double-Undercut Table In the Hands False
Mixing False
Three Way Cut Maintaining the Top Card in a Riffle Shuffle
Maintaining the Top of the Deck with a Hindu Shuffle
Card Forces
Number Force
Cross Cut
Hindu Deeper Cut
Fantastic Card Tricks Straight with Riffle Shuffle Four
Aces Turnover Five/Four of Diamonds Card
Prediction with Reader Instructions Card
Prediction with Animation Card
Tricks with Poker Themes Dealing a Royal
Flush 10-Card Poker Challenge
Trick Decks Svengali Utility in Tricks Use by Serious
Magicians Card
Stab Card
Prediction Stripper Four Aces
Close-up Magic Rubberband Routine Jumping (3 variations)
Rubberband Through Thumb
Snap Coins Basic Coin Sleights finger
Palm French Drop Producing a Coin Producing/Vanishing Coin
Elbow Vanishing Coin
Paper 10-Count Rings and Coins
Coin Through Handkerchief Basic Coin
Routine Great Tricks to Purchase and Add to Your Close-up Act Color Cube Coin to Impossible Place
Mind-Reading and Mentalism Number prediction with Animation
Rubberband and cards Numbers
Book Test Psychometry Multi-Out
The Clock Calculator Prediction
Stage/Stand-up Magic Conditions for Stage
Magic Rising Card
Card on Rope
Ropes Through Body Cut/Restored Rope
Card Prediction with Stand Great Tricks to Purchase and Add to Your Stage
Act Chinese Wands What's Next
Street Magic Conditions for Street Magic Card
Spelling Trick Rising Ring
Coin Through Handkerchief and Finger Ring
Great Tricks to Purchase and Add to Your Street Act Chameleon Silks
Party Magic Conditions for Party Magic Do As I do Black Magic Card
Touch with Pips Vanishing Coin with Silk Aces to the Pocket Impassable Corks
Great Tricks to Purchase and Add to Your Party Act
Performing Magic
Dealing with Nervousness Buying Magic
Developing Your Act Entertaining with Magic Secrets of the Pros
Other Magic Escapes
Escape from ropes tied on wrist (w/ silk) Manipulation Illusions
What's Next?
Glossary of Magic Terms Appendices
The Card Prediction (Performance)
The Clock (Performance)
Easy Tricks for Kids Spelling Cards
21 Card
Trick Jumping Paperclips
Boomerangs Jumping Tapes
Magic Resources
Table of Contents provided by Publisher. All Rights Reserved.

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