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Protect Your Garden Eco-Friendly Solutions for Healthy Plants,9780932551191

Protect Your Garden Eco-Friendly Solutions for Healthy Plants

Edition: 2nd
Format: Paperback
Pub. Date: 4/9/2013
Publisher(s): Quick American Archives
Availability: This title is currently not available.


What's happening in your garden? Have the aphids landed on your rosebuds? (Maybe you're still wondering what those tiny green bugs are.) Is there mold or brown spots on the leaves of your plants? Has there been a deer sighting? Gardeners are in a constant struggle against the inevitable parade of adversaries that threaten your favorite plants. Now there's a new gardening tool to help you win the fight.

Ed Rosenthal's troubleshooting guide is here to show exactly what's plaguing your plants. The book divides problems into four color-coded sections—pests, diseases, nutrient deficiencies, and environmental stresses—and it's filled with photos of insects, infections, and leaf damage—the things you don’t necessarily plan for or want to see. Then it goes on to present eco-friendly solutions—safe for you, your family, and the planet.

As the "Guru of Ganja," Ed Rosenthal has long met his readers' demands for reliable solutions that are safe for use right up to harvest. Now Protect Your Garden provides a lifetime of experience for every gardener. Whether you're a rookie or veteran gardener, growing flowers or food, this book will help protect your plants and keep your harvest safe to be around, touch, and eat.

Author Biography

Ed Rosenthal has been writing gardening books for over 40 years and over two million copies of his books have been sold. Many credit him with being the first to write about and popularize marijuana cultivation in the United States. His most recent book, Marijuana Grower's Handbook, has revolutionized marijuana cultivation and solidified Ed's place as the leading authority in the field. Though Ed is typically associated with marijuana, those who know him well know that he is an avid gardener of all types of plants.

Table of Contents

Fiber Warsp. 5
The Schlichten Papersp. 47
Letter from Edward Chase about G.W. Schlichten, August 28, 1917p. 55
Hemp Realitiesp. 67
Can Hemp Save Our Planet?p. 83
A Response to Dr. Walkerp. 109
Literature Reviewp. 123
Hemp as Biomassp. 139
Hemp or Wood - Potential Substitutesp. 145
Hemp Paper Productionp. 149
Hemp Pulp and Paper Productionp. 155
Hemp as a Pulp Sourcep. 163
Why Hemp Seeds?p. 169
Hemp in Australia: Australia, Eucalyptus and Hempp. 189
Hemp in Australia: Tasmanian Trialsp. 191
Hemp in Australia: The Tasmanian Hemp Companyp. 192
China, Hemp and Paperp. 195
Hemp in Englandp. 203
The U.K. Hemp Project in 1993p. 209
Fiber Hemp in Francep. 213
Hemp in Hollandp. 221
Paper from Dutch Hemp?p. 225
Hemp in Hungaryp. 229
Hungarian Hemp in Photosp. 233
Hemp Breeding in Hungaryp. 243
Hemp in the USAp. 249
The Hempsteadp. 257
Fiber Hemp in the Ukraine, 1991p. 261
Fiber Hemp in the Ukraine, 1993p. 279
Hemp: From Today into Tomorrowp. 289
Medical Marijuanap. 303
Economics of Cannabis Legalizationp. 311
Economics of Marijuanap. 325
Summationp. 333
Appendix: Historical Referencesp. 335
Yearbook of the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, 1913p. 339
Farmers Bulletin #1935p. 377
USDA Bulletin #404p. 383
European Economic Community Agreement on Hempp. 395
ISOCHANVRE - In Englishp. 403
Revolutionizing an Industry - from Scientific American, June 4, 1921p. 405
The New Billion Dollar Crop - from Popular Mechanics magazinep. 409
Hemp Wood as a Papermaking Material - from Paper Trade Journalp. 411
Hemp for Victory - text of 1941 film produced by the USDAp. 413
Footnotes (by Article)p. 415
Literature Citedp. 427
List of Abbreviationsp. 433
Hemp Resource Directoryp. 435
Table of Contents provided by Blackwell. All Rights Reserved.

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