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Radioscience Observing,9780790611723

Radioscience Observing

Format: Paperback
Pub. Date: 8/1/1999
Publisher(s): Cengage Learning
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Joe Carr expands on Volume 1, covering techniques and methods, hardware design and construction, more RadioScience theory, and related geoscience and planetary science activities. A CD-ROM with all new material is included.

Table of Contents

Introduction to Radio Frequenciesp. 4
Units and Physical Constantsp. 7
Wavelength and Frequencyp. 7
Skin Effectp. 9
RadioScience Receiver Basicsp. 18
Receiver Noise Floorp. 19
Receiving System Examplep. 19
Noise Equationsp. 23
Thermal Noisep. 23
Thermal Noise as a function of bandwidthp. 23
Noise Factorp. 23
Noise Figurep. 23
Noise Temperaturep. 24
Some Useful Reciever Circuitsp. 26
RF Receiver Mixersp. 28
Linear vs. Nonlinear Mixersp. 28
The Receiver Mixerp. 32
Simple Diode Mixerp. 34
The Question of "Balance"p. 35
Spurious Responsesp. 35
Mixer Distortion Productsp. 40
Intermodulation Products (IP)p. 40
Third-Order Intercept Pointp. 43
Calculating Intercept Pointsp. 46
Mixer Lossesp. 47
Noise Figurep. 48
Noise Balancep. 49
Single-Ended Active Mixer Circuitsp. 50
Balanced Active Mixersp. 52
Gilbert Cell Mixersp. 61
Passive Double-Balanced Mixersp. 63
Diplexersp. 66
Bandpass Diplexersp. 68
Double DBMp. 70
Image Reject Mixersp. 71
VHF/UHF Microwave Mixer Circuitsp. 72
Special Circuitsp. 74
Universal IF Amplifierp. 74
Logarithmic RF/IF Amplifierp. 81
Referencesp. 82
Lightning Observedp. 86
Types of Lightningp. 86
Lightning Factsp. 86
Some Lightning Detection Historyp. 89
Storm Scopep. 91
Results to Expectp. 96
Electric Field Measurementp. 96
ULF/ELF/VLF Electronic Circuitsp. 102
Operational Amplifier Gain Blockp. 102
DC Power Distributionp. 108
Differential Amplifiersp. 110
60 Hz Notch Filterp. 112
Magnetometer Sensorsp. 114
Flux-Gate Sensorsp. 114
Toroidal Core Flux Gate Sensorp. 117
A Practical Flux-Gate Sensorp. 118
Powering the Sensorsp. 121
Calibration of the Sensorsp. 123
Analog Interface to FGM-3p. 126
Digital "Heterodyning"p. 128
A Magnetometer Project and Kitp. 129
Sensor Head Mechanical Constructionp. 132
Gradiometersp. 134
Interfacing FGM-x Series Devices via Microcontrollersp. 137
Acknowledgmentsp. 139
Referencesp. 139
Sniffing Out Local Signal and Noise Sourcesp. 142
Bag of Tricksp. 144
RF Sleuthing Toolsp. 144
RF Detectorsp. 149
Conclusionp. 150
Monitoring the Ultraviolet Radiation From the Sunp. 154
Ultraviolet Radiationp. 154
Global, Diffuse and Direct UVp. 157
UV-B Radiometer Basicsp. 159
A UV-B Radiometerp. 160
Using the Radiometerp. 166
Some Resultsp. 168
A Commercial Global UV-B Radiometerp. 170
Small RF Components Used in RadioScience Observing Systemsp. 174
Resistive Attenuatorsp. 174
BALUN and Impedance Matching Transformersp. 180
Coaxial Switchesp. 182
RF Power Combiners and Splittersp. 182
Resistive Combiner/Splitterp. 182
Transformer Combiner/Splitterp. 184
Modified VSWR Bridge Combiner/Splitterp. 186
90[degree] Splitter/Combinerp. 189
Transmission Line Splitter/Combinersp. 190
90[degree] Transmission Line Splitter/Combinerp. 192
Hybrid Ring "Rat-Race" Networkp. 192
The RF Hybrid Couplerp. 194
Applications of Hybridsp. 195
Phase-Shifted Hybridsp. 199
Diplexersp. 201
Using a Diplexer with a Mixerp. 202
Bandpass Diplexersp. 204
Directional Couplersp. 206
HF/VHF/UHF Low-Noise Preamplifiersp. 212
Noise and Preselectors/Preamplifiersp. 214
JFET Preselectorp. 215
VHF Receiver Preselectorp. 219
MOSFET Preselectorp. 219
Voltage Tuned Receiver Preselectorp. 222
Broadband RF Preamplifier for VLF, LF and AM BCBp. 222
Push-Pull RF Amplifiersp. 225
The Push-Pull RF Amplifierp. 226
Actual Circuit Detailsp. 228
Variations on the Themep. 232
Broadband RF Amplifier (50-Ohm Input and Output)p. 235
Broadband or Tuned RF/IF Amplifier Using the MC-1350Pp. 237
VLF Preamplifierp. 239
Radio Telemetry on a Budgetp. 242
Antennasp. 245
VHF/UHF Yagip. 245
VHF/UHF Ground Plane Antennap. 249
Vertical Collinear J-Pole Antennap. 252
418 MHz Stick Antennap. 253
Omnidirectional Normal Mode Helixp. 254
Axial Mode Helical Antennap. 254
Coffee Can Microwave Antennap. 256
Finding Bearings on Earth--The Great Circlep. 260
Latitude and Longitudep. 260
The Great Circlep. 263
Acknowledgmentp. 266
Referencep. 266
Vibration Detectors and Seismographsp. 268
Linear Differential Voltage Transformers (LDVT)p. 271
Differential Capacitor Sensorsp. 272
Lehman-type Seismometer Projectp. 276
Searching for ET From Your Own Backyardp. 284
What We're Looking Forp. 284
What You'll Need: The Antennap. 285
What You'll Need: The Low-Noise Preampp. 286
What You'll Need: The Receiverp. 286
What You'll Need: The Computerp. 288
Putting It All Togetherp. 289
What We've Heard So Farp. 289
Finding Out Morep. 291
Electromagnetic Interferencep. 294
Tools for Finding EMI Sourcesp. 298
RF Detectorsp. 301
Dealing With AM and LW Broadcast Band EMIp. 303
The Problemp. 304
The Attenuator Solutionp. 309
The Antenna Solutionp. 309
The Filter Solutionp. 309
Stubsp. 316
Shieldingp. 316
Expected Resultsp. 317
Dealing With 60 Hz Interferencep. 318
Notch Filtersp. 319
Twin-T Notch Filter Networksp. 321
Active Twin-Tee Notch Filtersp. 323
Noise Canceling Bridgep. 327
Some Instrument Design Rulesp. 330
A Design Procedurep. 330
Solving the (Right) Problemp. 332
Determine Critical Attributesp. 333
Determine Critical Parameters and Requirementsp. 334
Attempt a Block Diagram Solutionp. 334
Apportion Requirements To The Blocksp. 334
Analyze and Simulatep. 334
Design Specific Circuits For Each Blockp. 335
Built and Test The Circuitsp. 335
Combine the Circuits in a Formal Breadboardp. 335
Test the Breadboardp. 335
Build and Test a Brassboard Versionp. 336
Design, Build and Test Final Versionp. 336
Deliver, install and use the instrument!p. 336
Sensor and Antenna Resolution Improvementp. 338
Sensor Resolution Improvement (SRI)p. 340
Initial Trialsp. 343
Actual Circuit Trialp. 343
Single-Sensor Methodp. 344
Conclusionp. 346
Referencesp. 347
Long Period Velocity Type Seismometersp. 350
Technical Description of the Prototype Seismometerp. 350
Technical Description of The Period Lengthening Devicep. 351
Mechanicalp. 351
Electronic Circuitp. 353
Pendulum Responses of The Prototype Seismometerp. 353
Electronic Period Adjustmentp. 356
Commentsp. 357
Improving VLF Performance of Your Shortwave Receiverp. 360
Reducing AM BCB Interference on VLFp. 361
Preselector/Preamplifier Projectp. 363
Variations on the Themep. 369
Conclusionp. 371
Antenna Transmission Lines and VSWR Lossp. 374
The Problemp. 374
Standing Wavesp. 376
Scenariop. 377
Radio Luxembourg Effectp. 384
Science and Junk Sciencep. 388
Is Scientific Knowledge Superior to Other Forms?p. 388
Is Salt Water Taffy Being Distributed?p. 390
Scientific Studiesp. 394
Some General Advicep. 395
So Why Bother?p. 397
Pseudosciencep. 398
Bibliographyp. 405
Table of Contents provided by Syndetics. All Rights Reserved.

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