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Real Estate Principles: A Value Approach,9780077836368

Real Estate Principles: A Value Approach

by ;
Edition: 5th
Format: Hardcover
Pub. Date: 2/22/2017
Publisher(s): McGraw-Hill Education

Table of Contents

Part 1: Setting the Stage

1.The Nature of Real Estate and Real Estate Markets

Part 2: Legal and Regulatory Determinants of Value

2.Legal Foundations to Value

3.Conveying Real Property Interests

4.Government Controls and Real Estate Markets

Part 3: Market Valuation and Appraisal

5.Market Determinants of Value

6.Forecasting Ownership Benefits and Value: Market Research

7.Valuation Using the Sales Comparison and Cost Approaches

8.Valuation Using the Income Approach

Part 4: Financing Home Ownership

9.Real Estate Finance: The Laws and Contracts

10.Residential Mortgage Types and Borrower Decisions

11.Sources of Funds for Residential Mortgages

Part 5: Brokering and Closing the Transaction

12.Real Estate Brokerage and Listing Contracts

13.Contracts for Sale and Closing

Part 6: Time, Opportunity Cost, and Value Decisions

14.The Effects of Time and Risk on Value

15.Mortgage Calculations and Decisions

Part 7: Financing and Investing in Commercial Real Estate

16.Commercial Mortgage Types and Decisions

17.Sources of Commercial Debt and Equity Capital

18.Investment Decisions: Ratios

19.Investment Decisions: NPV and IRR

20.Income Taxation and Value

Part 8: Creating and Maintaining Value

21.Enhancing Value through Ongoing Management

22.Leases and Property Types

23.Development: The Dynamics of Creating Value


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