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The Reception of Isaac Newton in Europe,9780826479709

The Reception of Isaac Newton in Europe

by ; ;
Format: Hardcover
Pub. Date: 3/23/2017
Publisher(s): Bloomsbury Academic
Availability: This title is currently not available.


The writings and example of Isaac Newton transformed understandings of the practice and meaning of the sciences across Europe in the century or so following the publication of the Principia in 1687. The essays in these volumes consider the impact of Newton's ideas from three distinct but interlocking perspectives: their reception in particular geographical areas and language communities; their importance for particular fields of intellectual and practical endeavour, and their influence on other thinkers who, in turn, shaped Newton's intellectual legacy. They provide, for the first time, a picture of the fate of Newton's work across mainland Europe, giving an account of Newton's influence in the arts and social sciences, as well as in mathematics or physics.

Author Biography

Scott Mandelbrote is Fellow and Director of Studies in History at Peterhouse, Cambridge, UK

Helmut Pulte is Chair for Philosophy and History of Science at Ruhr University, Bochum, Germany.

Table of Contents

Volume I. Countries and Regions 1. Newton in Latin Scott Mandelbrote \ 2. French-speaking countries J. B. Shank \ 3. The Low Countries Eric Jorink \ 4. German-speaking countries Thomas Ahnert \ 5. Scandinavia (without Finland) Helege Kragh \ 6. Finland and the Baltic States' Maija Kallinen \ 7. Russia (incl. influence) Simon Werrett \ 8. Hungary Gabor Zemplén\ 9. Greece Kostas Gavroglu and Manolis Patiniotis \ 10. Italy Massimo Mazzotti \ 11. Spain and Portugal Antoni Malet \ Bibliography (Volume 1) Volume II. Research Areas and Themata 12. Popularisation of Newtonianism A. Kleinert \ 13. Biographies of Newton Robert Iliffe \ 14. Women readers of Newton Marta Cavazza \ 15. Impact on the enlightenment Mordechai Feingold \ 16. Newton in the éncyclopedie Koffi Maglo \ 17. Impact on Methodology Helmut Pulte \ 18. Impact on experimental style Friedrich Steinle \ 19. Infinitesimal theory Niccolò Guicciardini \ 20. Algebra Jackie Stedall \ 21. Gravitational theory and celestial mechanics Michael Nauenberg \ 22. Lunar Theory Nicholas Kollerstrom \ 23. Principles of mechanics and concept of force Eric Watkins \ 24. Rational mechanics of continua V.G. Mikhailov \ 25. Optics Alan E. Shapiro \ 26. Theory of matter, atomism C. Wilson \ 27. Theory of space and time Robert DiSalle\ 28. Chemistry and Alchemy L. Principe \ 29. Electricity and Magnetism R. W. Home \ 30. French Mathematical Physics Ivor Grattan-Guinness \ 31. Biology Peter McLaughlin \ 32. Religious thought Scott Mandelbrote \ 33. Newton in art and architecture Scott Mandelbrote \ 34. Newton in poetry and prose S. De Angelis \ Bibliography (Volume II) Volume III. Scientists and Philosophers 35. Bernoullis (Jacob, Johann I, Daniel) David Speiser-Bär and D. Ó Mathúna \ 36. Boscovich and the Jesuit Tradition L. P. Mori Ubaldini \ 37. Huygens Rienk Vermij \ 38. Lavoisier Marco Beretta \ 39. Leibniz Herbert Breger \ 40. Maupertuis Mary Terrall \ 41. Wolff T. Ahnert \ 42. Euler M. Panza and S. Maronne\ 43. Du Chatelet Sarah Hutton \ 44. Voltaire F. de Gandt \ 45. Kant (on space) Michael Friedman \ 46. Goethe M. Jackson \ 47. Hegel Wolfgang Bonsiepen \ 48. Mach and Einstein Klaus Hentschel \ Bibliography (Volume III) \ Index

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