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Religion in Liberal Political Philosophy,9780198794394

Religion in Liberal Political Philosophy

by ;
Format: Hardcover
Pub. Date: 8/1/2017
Publisher(s): Oxford University Press
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Author Biography

Cecile Laborde, Nuffield Chair in Political Theory, University of Oxford,Aurelia Bardon, Lecturer in Politics, University of Liverpool

Cecile Laborde holds the Nuffield Chair in Political Theory at the University of Oxford. Previously, she was the Director of the Religion and Political Theory Centre at University College London.

Aurelia Bardon is a Lecturer in Politics at the University of Liverpool. Her research focuses on public justification, especially on the implications of public justification for religion and religious reasons, as well as on secularism and bioethics.

Table of Contents

Introduction, Cecile Laborde and Aurelia Bardon
Part I - The Special Status of Religion in the Law
1. Religion, Equality, and Anarchy, Micah Schwartzman
2. A Rawlsian Defense of Special Treatment for Religion, Andrew Koppelman
3. The Irrelevance of Religion to Law, George Letsas
4. Understanding Religion, Governing Religion: A Realist Perspective, Enzo Rossi
5. The Consequences of Disaggregation and the Impossibility of a Third Way, Ronan McCrea
Part II - Sovereignty, Non-Establishment, Neutrality
6. Sovereignty, the Corporate Religious, and Jurisdictional/Political Pluralism, Jean L. Cohen
7. Religious Establishment and Public Justification, Kevin Vallier
8. What's the Problem with Symbolic Religious Establishment? The Alienation and Symbolic Equality Accounts, Sune Laegaard
9. Is Ethical Independence Enough?, Matthew Clayton
10. On the Scope and Object of Neutrality: Policies, Principles, and 'Burdens of Conscience', Saladin Meckled-Garcia
Part III - Accommodation and Religious Freedom
11. Religious Exemption and Distributive Justice, Peter Jones
12. Religious Accommodation: Responsibility, Integrity, and Self-Respect, Jonathan Seglow
13. Exemptions for Conscience, Simon Cabulea May
14. Religious Exemptions and Fairness, Alan Patten
15. How the Interests of Children Limit the Religious Freedom of Parents, Daniel M. Weinstock
16. Equality and Conscience: Ethics and the Provision of Public Services, Annabelle Lever
Part IV - Toleration, Conscience, Identity
17. Religion, Reason, and Toleration: Bayle, Kant - and Us, Rainer Forst
18. Toleration Without Limits: A Reconstruction and Defence of Pierre Bayle's Philosophical Commentary, Chandran Kukathas
19. Liberalism and Identity, Akeel Bilgrami
20. Conscience in Public Life, Maeve Cooke
21. Is Religious Conviction Special?, Kimberley Brownlee
22. How Should We Respect Conscience?, Emanuela Ceva

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