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Rethinking Mahler,9780199316090

Rethinking Mahler

Format: Hardcover
Pub. Date: 8/3/2017
Publisher(s): Oxford University Press
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As one of the most popular classical composers in the performance repertoire of professional and amateur orchestras and choirs across the world, Gustav Mahler continues to generate significant interest, and the global appetite for his music, and for discussions of it, remains large.

Editor Jeremy Barham brings together leading and emerging scholars in the field to explore Mahler's relationship with music, media, and ideas past and present, addressing issues in structural analysis, performance, genres of stage, screen and literature, cultural movements, aesthetics, history/historiography and temporal experience. Rethinking Mahler counterbalances prevailing scholarly assumptions and preferences that configure Mahler as proto-modernist, with hitherto neglected consideration of his debt to, and his re-imagining of, the legacies of his own historical past. Over the course of 17 chapters drawing from a variety of disciplinary perspectives, the book pursues ideas of nostalgia, historicism and 'pastness' in relation to an emergent modernity and subsequent musical-cultural developments, yielding a wide-ranging exploration and re-evaluation of Mahler's works, their historical reception and understanding, and their resounding impact within diverse cultural contexts. Rethinking Mahler will be an essential resource for scholars and students of Mahler and late Romantic era music more generally, and will also find an audience among the many devotees of Mahler's music.

Table of Contents


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Introduction: Mahler's Times
Jeremy Barham

PART I Repertoires and Structures of the Past

1. Fantasy, Denial and Virtual Reality in Mahler's Fourth Symphony
Benjamin K. Davies

2. Mining the Past for New Expressions: Song Form as Narrative Device In
Mahler's Ballads from Das Knaben Wunderhorn
Molly M. Breckling

3. The Earliness of Mahler's Late Romanticism: The poetics of the 'Deceptive
Perfect Cadence' in the Ninth Symphony and Das Lied von der Erde
Mark Summerfield

4. 'Pedester ist der Musikstoff, sublim der Vortrag.' Mahler's Scherzos as
Impulses for the Evolution of Musical Language
Mathieu Schneider

5. Forming Form through Force: Bruckner, Mahler, and the Structural Function of
Alessandro Cecchi

6. Die Meistersinger in Mahler's Seventh Symphony
Anna Stoll-Knecht

7. Idyllic Masks of Death: References to Orphée aux Enfers in 'Das himmlische
Lóránt Péteri

PART II Stage, Screen and Popular Cultures

8. Mahler and the Myth of the Total Symphony
James Buhler

9. On the British Reception of Ken Russell's Mahler
Eftychia Papanikolaou,

10. Popular Music and the Colloquial Tone in the Posthorn Solos of Mahler's Third
Timothy Freeze

11. Gustav Mahler's Eighth Symphony and Max Reinhardt's Concept of
Peter Revers

PART III Varieties of Historical and Aesthetic Experience

12. The Particularity of the Moment
Julian Johnson

13. Gustav Mahler and the Aesthetics of De-Identification
Federico Celestini,

14. Decadent Transitions: Mahler, Modernism, and the Viennese fin-de-siècle
Zoltan Roman

15. Justine Mahler's Faust Notebook: an Introduction
Stephen E. Hefling

16. Abridging Mahler's Symphonies: a Historical Perspective
Matthew Mugmon

17. Mahler and the Game of History
Jeremy Barham



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