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Return of the Golden Age,9781620551974

Return of the Golden Age

by ;
Edition: 1st
Format: Paperback
Pub. Date: 12/19/2013
Publisher(s): Inner Traditions
Availability: This title is currently not available.


The truth behind ancient myths and the return of the celestial conditions for a Golden Age of peace and abundance

• Reveals the events preserved in myth that launched humanity into 12,000 years of struggle, selfishness, and false beliefs

• Explores how we can initiate a new Golden Age through ancient Egyptian teachings on the creative power of our imaginations

• Explains how our world system of economics, which benefits a few at the expense of the many, arose as a reaction to global catastrophe in prehistory

Since the beginning of recorded history humanity has been in a continuous struggle over land and resources. It continues today despite the abundance we have created through scientific innovation and technology. Why such a struggle for resources exists has never been explained. Neither has the human drive to own, accumulate, and hoard. Edward Malkowski reveals that the answer lies in recognizing the reality behind humanity’s earliest myths. He shows that the opportunity is at hand to transcend these inherited selfish traits and return to a Golden Age of peace and abundance.

Malkowski explores the hidden meaning behind stories such as the Epic of Gilgamesh, Plato’s Atlantis, and myths of a new sky and a new sun, of great floods and the death of the gods, and of the preceding Golden Age. He connects these myths to a real extinction event that occurred 12,000 years ago. He explains how the survivors--our ancestors--were catapulted from utopia into a world of scarcity, scarring the collective mind of humanity and initiating the struggle for resources in an attempt to regain our lost paradise. He shows how our world system of economics, focused on ownership and based on the false belief of separateness--benefitting a few at the expense of the many--arose as a reaction to this catastrophe.

Drawing on the pre-catastrophe teachings preserved by the ancient Egyptians, Malkowski reveals that we are returning to a celestial configuration parallel to that of the past Golden Age. Through our collective DNA memory and the creative power of our imaginations, we can end our 12,000-year quest to regain paradise lost and launch a new Golden Age of unity, abundance, and equality for all humanity.

Author Biography

Edward F. Malkowski is a historical researcher with a special interest in philosophy, ancient Egypt, and the development of religious beliefs from ancient to modern times. He is the author of Ancient Egypt 39,000 BCE, Sons of God--Daughters of Men, Before the Pharaohs, and The Spiritual Technology of Ancient Egypt. He lives in Lincoln, Illinois.

Table of Contents



Foreword by Barbara Hand Clow


1 A New World Order

Children of the Millennium: Catalyst for Change
George Orwell’s 1984 2012
War Is History
President Eisenhower’s Warning
The Coming New World Order

2 Resources and Beliefs: The Social Experience
Resources and Biology: The Visible System
Beliefs: The Invisible System
The Power of Imagination
Imagination as Truth
History’s Forbidden Zone

3 Ancient Symbolism and the Journey Within
The Role of Symbol
Functional Thinking
Symbolism and Ancient Knowledge
Ancient Insights into States of Consciousness
DNA, the Voice of Life

4 Sky God: Origins of the Western Belief System
Old Europe
Inventing War: Horsemen of the Apocalypse
The Conception of Western Civilization
The Cradle of Western Civilization
Establishing the Western Religious Tradition

5 Catastrophe and Ice: The Great Historic and Geologic Divide
Ice Age Theories
Hapgood’s Wandering Poles Theory
Recent Mass Extinction
Evidence of a Cosmic Calamity
The Vela Supernova “Bullet”

6 Golden Age Myth as Experiential History
Ancient History according to the Ancient Egyptians
Ancient Myths of a Golden Age
Plato’s Atlantis
The Saturn Myth

7 Gilgamesh and the Great Celestial Flood
The Coming of Enkidu
The Forest Journey
Ishtar and Gilgamesh, and the Death of Enkidu
The Search for Everlasting Life and the Story of the Flood
Drama in the Sky
The Beginning of Time
Human Experience and History

8 The Coming Global Golden Age
Growing Global Political and Economic Awareness
Mass Movements
Humanity’s Twelve-Thousand-Year-Old Quest to Return to a Golden Age
Human History and Zodiac Ages
Envisioning the Global Golden Age
DNA and the Horizon of Human Experience
The Coming Golden Age and the New World Order

9 A Golden Age of Imagination
The Individual Experience: Reality and Perception
Life’s Mirror
History as Humanity’s Cumulative Experience

Postscript: It’s in the DNA




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