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Rommel's Year of Victory,9781853673023

Rommel's Year of Victory

by ;
Format: Hardcover
Pub. Date: 4/1/1998
Publisher(s): Stackpole Books
Availability: This title is currently not available.


The German offensive in North Africa, coupling the prowess of Rommel, The Desert Fox, with the superb elan of the German Afrika Korps, is widely regarded as one of the most astonishing military achievements of World War II. Rommel had been sent to Libya in February 1941 to bail out the Italian Army, whose short-lived invasion of Egypt in the fall of 1940 had been repulsed by the British. His ability to adapt his troops to desert warfare is a textbook example of training and tactics in harsh conditions. German war artist Kurt Caesar traveled with the Afrika Korps and illustrated the campaign with evocative and detailed drawings. Rommel's Year of Victory combines these illustrations with a new, gripping narrative by James Lucas that captures the day-to-day life of the German soldier in the desert. James Lucas served as an infantryman in the Tunisian campaign in World War II. He is an acknowledged expert on the German military history of the period, as well as a widely published military author.

Table of Contents

List of Illustrations
Preface 9(2)
Barrie Pitt
Foreword 11(2)
Erwin Rommel
Chronology 13(2)
Prologue 15(2)
The Historical Background
The Battlefield
German Orders of Battle
Rommel and the Other German Commanders in Africa
The First Campaign -- March to April 1941
The Second Campaign -- April to May 1941
The Third Campaign -- June 1941
The Fourth Campaign -- November 1941 to February 1942
The Fifth Campaign -- May to November 1942

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