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Serial Killers - Philosophy for Everyone Being and Killing,9781405199636

Serial Killers - Philosophy for Everyone Being and Killing

by ; ;
Format: Paperback
Pub. Date: 10/11/2010
Publisher(s): Wiley-Blackwell


Serial Killers & Philosophy investigates our profound intrigue with mass-murderers. Exploring existential, ethical and political questions through an examination of real and fictional serial killers, philosophy comes alive via an exploration of grisly death. Presents new philosophical theories about serial killing, and relates new research in cognitive science to the minds of serial killers Includes a philosophical look at real serial killers such as Ian Brady, Ted Bundy, John Wayne Gacy, Jeffrey Dahmer and the Zodiac killer, as well as fictional serial killers such as Dexter and Hannibal Lecter Offers a new phenomenological examination of the writings of the Zodiac Killer Contains an account of the disappearance of one of Ted Bundy's victims submitted by the organization Families and Friends of Missing Persons and Violent Crime Victims Integrates the insights of philosophers, academics, crime writers and police officers

Author Biography

S. Waller is an Associate Professor of Philosophy at Montana State University Bozeman. Fritz Allhoff is an Assistant Professor in the Philosophy Department at Western Michigan University, as well as a Senior Research Fellow at the Australian National University's Centre for Applied Philosophy and Public Ethics.

Table of Contents

Forewordp. viii
Acknowledgmentsp. xi
Introduction: Meditations on Murder, or What is so Philosophical about Serial Killers?p. 1
I Think Therefore I Kill: The Philosophical Musings of Serial Killersp. 15
Man is the Most Dangerous Animal of All: A Philosophical Gaze into the Writings of the Zodiac Killerp. 17
A Philosophy of Serial Killing: Sade, Nietzsche, and Brady at the Gates of Fanusp. 29
The Situation of the Jury: Attribution Bias in the Trials of Accused Serial Killersp. 41
Can You Blame Them? Ethics, Evil, and Serial Killingp. 51
Serial Killers as Practical Moral Skeptics: A Historical Survey with Interviewsp. 53
Are Psychopathic Serial Killers Evil? Are They Blameworthy for What They Do?p. 66
Sympathy for the Devil: Can a Serial Killer Ever Be Good?p. 78
Dangerous Infatuations: The Public Fascination with Serial Killersp. 91
The Allure of the Serial Killerp. 93
Dexter's Dark World: The Serial Killer as Superherop. 103
A Eulogy for Emotion: The Lack of Empathy and the Urge to Killp. 115
Killing with Kindness: Nature, Nurture, and the Female Serial Killerp. 117
It Puts the Lotion in the Basket: The Language of Psychopathyp. 129
Are Serial Killers Cold-Blooded Killers?p. 141
Creepy Cognition: Talking and Thinking about Serial Killersp. 153
The Serial Killer was (Cognitively) Framedp. 155
Wolves and Widows: Naming, Metaphor, and the Language of Serial Murderp. 166
An Arresting Conversation: Police Philosophize about the Armed and Dangerousp. 178
Psycho-ology: Killer Mindsets and Meditations on Murderp. 189
Psychopathy and Will to Power: Ted Bundy and Dennis Raderp. 191
The Thread of Death, or the Compulsion to Killp. 206
A Solemn Afterword: A Message from the Victim's Networkp. 218
A Timeline of Serial Killersp. 222
Notes on Contributorsp. 226
Table of Contents provided by Ingram. All Rights Reserved.

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